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Seller request to cancel my order?


I’m newbie in fiverr. I have one good experience and one bad experience. My bad experience is when seller can’t keep their promise to do his job in time. I have send him message for the unfinished service, and he reply his sorry then request me to cancel my order. He said I can keep my money.

Actually I don’t need to cancel my gig order, since he had done more than 70% of his job. I just want him to finish his job as I ordered. So I said so to him, and I choose to continue my order. But he didn’t reply after that, and he didn’t continue his job either.

What should I do?? How can I get my money back? Is the seller had been paid for this condition?

Anyone please explain…


You can’t make the seller finish the gig and they are offering for you to cancel. You can request a mutual cancellation or send a message to Customer Support and ask them to cancel the gig. Good luck


thanks… tn5rr2012…

i am newbie. and the answer perfect