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Seller request!


does seller request in ‘‘buyer request’’ section really help?


I didn’t even know that existed


No. You can be banned for trying it. Buyers do not even see those “ads.”


We have some of our clients coming from there for as long as you send an offer that fits with their requirements, give it a try. It might increase your sales as well :slight_smile:


And it might get you banned as well. :slight_smile:


No the buyer request section is only for buyers ,this is only use to Get offers from sellers for your Project. Don’t use this section for promotion and describing your services. If you post your services it will not be passed by the fiverr Community.


I will also add that if you are a SELLER willing to BUY something, don’t use it.

The algorithm that scans the posted ads will treat you as a cheater if you use it, and will flag you for using terms like “I am”, your account might be closed for that reason.

My advice: stay away from that section, in general.


Thanks for such valuable sharing :sunny:


Sometime half of my Request tab fill with Seller request, and it’s really annoying.