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Seller requesting Buyer to remove Negative Rating -Is this appropriate?

I purchased a gig to write a press release and the results were of extremely poor quality.

I gave the gig a negative rating and sent my feedback to the seller.

The seller has sent me multiple requests to remove the negative rating, stating:

  • “Fiverr is the only way for my earnings please remove the feedback otherwise it will kill my earnings. It would be create bad effects with me & my family as well.”
  • "I have requested you many times to remove the feedback but can’t it’s very bad manner"

    From my perspective, the negative rating accurately reflects the poor quality of service delivered.

    Question: Is this appropriate, allowed seller behavior? Or an attempt to game the Fiverr system by eliminating negative ratings?

Seller have rights ask you to remove negative rating, but he must send refund or make work again from start. Fiverr system allow seller contact to buyer with request to edit or remove feedback. And you like buyer can edit or just ignore this message and not respond to seller.

P.S.when you go to order search seller who have a lot of positive feedback. When you order from new seller you always take a risk that in existing you will have poor quality.


You don’t have to remove the rating and you probably shouldn’t. What you can do is request that he does the work again. If he doesn’t agree so don’t remove the review but if he does it again, to your satisfaction you should remove the rating. If he is a new seller then every negative rating can really effect his sales badly, as you know when you look for a gig and you see someone with a 50% good review you won’t order from him because you don’t ant to take the risk that he will do it poorly.

A bad review should be your last step. Try to talk to him and negotiate.

QualityDesignz team

Personally, the effect of a negative review will hurt the seller in a long run, however you have the rights to give him the ratings he deserves.

You can request the service to be redone or you can ask him to do something else which will satisfy you for the first order done wrong.

The Fiverr rating system is very well used when it comes to poor work however if in some case you give a bad rating for delayed work it doesn’t justify it’s rights.

If your seller will redo it, remove it. It’s only fair on the sellers part especially for newcomers to fiverr.

But once again you’re paying for it.

Joe | 2014