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Seller requesting Payment to instantly purchase Script outside Fiverr


In a web development project of mine, A seller is requesting money outside fiverr to buy a script (which is obviously needed in the project) in a live streaming video-based website.

I understand, to complete the work smoothly in time seller needs it immediately, but I am uncomfortable as the seller seems to have only one review. which means a new seller.

I have bought all tools myself regarding the project as per seller’s recommendation. Now I feel kinda stuck if I should trust him.

Also on the other hand the project needs to be done soon and we cant effort to hire another seller as it might costs us a totally different type of tools recommended by another seller.

What should I do? Any suggestions please!


Paying outside of Fiverr is against TOS. Don’t do that.


Did the seller state at the beginning that he will need to purchase additional tools to do the job? If he didn’t then this is his problem, and not yours. In other words, he should pay for the script out of his profits and not you.

Even if you ignore the above advice, you should not pay money outside of Fiverr. Should Fiverr learn about this your account is likely to receive a warning or even be suspended.

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Can you buy that script instead?

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That is quite unprofessional from his side and shows lack of experience.

If you didn’t add extra requirements in the process that requires purchasing an extra tool then your seller should’ve tell you that upfront.

As for the situation itself: never ever pay outside of fiverr, never agree to complete project before getting finished work.
If he needs this tool you can purchase it yourself and send it to him.


@english_voice He didn’t state that. Thanks for the detailed reply, appreciate your help!

@catwriter I wanted to but he said he would be the one to purchase it.

@mariashtelle1 You are right. Let me explain. The project was agreed for $150 but not placed yet. And he made me purchase themes, vps, domain and all that. then he said he needs a script costing $100 right now to start or he will not take the order. This payment is from his part and the rest $50 order will be placed using fiverr. I offered him to buy the script by me and place $50 order in fiverr. but he rejected.

I think from everyones suggestion I should not go any further. But I will have to purchase a new set of themes and plugins again. Which will a big loss on this project.

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Read that again and tell me if that doesn’t sound ridiculous :wink:

Doesn’t that sound fishy that he wants to buy it himself so passionately?

All other things you bought might be useful for you with other designers.

Yes, I should pull myself, Just worried I might be late on this project. Thank you so much @mariashtelle1 and everyone who replied to my posts. Wish you a healthy life.