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Seller requirements - a turnoff for buyers?

Hello everyone! Are lengthy seller requirements a turnoff for prospective buyers? Finally, due to having my Seller 2 level taken away from me several times due to completion rate, I decided to add all salient info from my gig description to my seller requirements. I became frustrated with buyers who were opening orders, asking for services I clearly do not provide per the info in my gig description, then having to have the buyer cancel the order. I asked one buyer, who requested a service I don’t offer per my gig description, if she had read my gig description; she stated she had not - she had simply done a services search. So, now, buyers must read through my lengthy requirements prior to placing their orders. I don’t see a significant drop in my orders, but I am curious if you all think that some buyers might not want to read through my lengthy requirements (the attention span of folks today being what it is - are you all still reading this ;)?). Thank you in advance for any words of wisdom!