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Seller reselling work i paid for, my idea

Hi i am a proud Fiverr for over 6 years, and this is the first time i had this horrible experience.

I had an idea for a pop art painting which i want for my apartment, so found someone who could make it, so paid 50 euro’s for it,
now after 7 days the seller said he had a previous gig which had a lot of revisions, so he did not start yet,but was starting right now, after a few days he said he could get the result he wanted, so i asked for something else and showed some examples, so about 2 weeks total it was finished, result looked great, exactly how i described it, so i completed the order.
so i talked with him about some future work, he gave me his instagram, where he said he sold work.

now i see he had my work uploaded on his instagram, i asked him, if he could remove it from instagram, i even said no offense further, i expected from him to say; ow sorry i will remove it right away.

but he didn’t, he said he used it to grow his account, i said i get it, but i paid for it and it was my idea.

then all of a sudden he blocked me on fiverr, and put the following thing on instagram:

Something funny happened today. The previous post (now deleted) was made for a client. After posting it, he asked me to take it down. We went back and forth and in the end he pretty much came down to “I paid for it. It’s mine. I want it taken down.” Fine. So I made a new version of it and I’ll be selling prints of that at an insanely cheap price. I’ll basically just be covering printing and shipping costs just to make it accessible to as many people as possible. I call this piece… “Spite” (48in x 48in) Smaller sizes will be available.

it’s not a different version, he just put some small changes on it, but overall everything was my idea,

does anyone know how to open a claim after a finished work? and warn others?

maybe it’s just me, but for me it looks very odd to treat clients like that.


As a seller, myself, I have used my clients work in the past as samples of my service, but this is with the client’s permission. Ideally, once the work is sold, the rights are yours. As a seller, I would say his approach was unprofessional and a little petty, but I don’t think that anything can be done about it.

Keeping in mind that there is a possibility the seller may use your work as a sample, what I would suggest is that the next time, you create a non-disclosure agreement before. In my profession, I’ve had clients that requested this, and I happily obliged.


thank you, you are right, but never experienced before, and for the money i had exclusive reselling rights, but good lesson for the future


As per fiverr TOS all right are transferred to you once the order is complete. Your seller has no right to resell that work.
You can contact fiverr support and state both violations:

  1. Your seller reselling your order that was completed and paid for
  2. He shared with you contact outside of fiverr.

Take screenshots of when they shared their Instagram account with you and also a screenshot of their Instagram post where he affirms he has done that for a client and now intend to sells it out of ‘spite’…that should be enough to get their account deleted from here.


The seller clearly doesn’t understand fiverr’s rules which is clear from their overall approach and them boasting about instagram in the review they’ve left you. Just report them for sharing their social media with you. Fiverr doesn’t take it lightly.

When you contact sellers for work, you should start by mentioning that the artwork is personal and you don’t want it shared anywhere. It’s not obvious and not a given.


Addition to what the other suggested you!

As per Fiverr Terms of service all the rights to the designs are Your until unless it is stated in the GIG that the seller charge extra for the copyrights.

It is not allowed by Fiverr Terms of Service that any seller disclose any personals contact with the buyer until it is in the scope of work.

We as a seller do sometime use the clients design (designed by us) in the portfolio to show the potential clients, but if the clients do not want it to be shown or want it removed, we are bound to do that as per the Fiverr terms of service (the rights are of the buyer).

It is also the right thing to do

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thanks, i contacted Fiverr right away after it happened with screenshots

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i understand when it’s for new clients, to show some of your portfolio, but this is out in the open. if i wanted that i would have left feedback on fiverr with the work, overall it’s a small effort for a seller to ask first.