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🧐 Seller Response Missing


Hola Amigos!

What on earth happened to my seller responses on my gig?

Normally, my responses are shown below the buyer’s feedback/review on my gig. But today, when I opened the gig to check latest reviews, I see that none of the latest 4/5 responses are showing.

If I scroll down, I can see the previous responses are all there intact. Check this:

Why is this so?

At times, my responses are very important to tell new buyers what exactly I delivered and how it went through. I think this is a very important clue for the new buyer too.

Does anyone have any solution or update on this? Is this feature removed from Fiverr for good?


Is this the reason?

Now that the Seller Reviews can be seen on Buyer Pages, probably these are moved out of Seller Responses?

Can anyone confirm, please?


Now there are two types of feedback. When you rate your experience with the buyer, this will be shown on the buyer’s profile. After this, you will see the review the buyer left for you. Right below this review, you will now have the chance to respond to the buyer’s review about your service. This response will be shown in your gig reviews below a buyer’s review. Check Attached screenshot for further clarification.


Thanks a lot. Need to check that out!

I did not get any update on this change. Did you?


Yes, I have got it. Refresh the page after rating your buyer and then you should be able to see this option.


Yeah, I looked for it after you told and found it. Thank You Brother :slight_smile:


This post is the best example for people who don’t visit this Forum!! :smile: :wink:

Good Luck!!


Yeah, it’a a new updated and I’m so appreciate! It’s a really good for seller.