Seller response rate when you are also buyer


I read the threads so far and also the description, such as it is on Fiverr itself.

But if you are both buyer and seller, do ALL messages count towards or against response rate?

When you chat with another seller, they are under pressure to respond within 24 hours also. It can get crazy when two of you are both putting “OK” , “yes”’ “thanks” etc … It can go on for hours.

Obviously, when somebody contacts me about an order I respond very quickly, yet my response rate is 84%.

Seller to seller is included in the algorithm or not?


Only the first message received counts in response rate and response time. Once you reply to the first message, no other messages count in the response rate so there is no need for message tennis with other sellers.


Ahh, that is good. Thanks.


However, new messages by sellers and not buyers count?


There is no real distinction between seller and buyer accounts, many users are both seller and buyer too, so that wouldn´t work, the system can´t know if someone messages you as a seller or a buyer.

You may want to look at the “Help Center”, there is more info about the response rate, like how to deal with spam messages for it to not affect your rate and so on.


Actually, I know what it is now.

Buyer requests. I have added 2 in the last 30 days. I just could not get back to every one of them.

Fiverr need to take Buyer Requests out of the equation as that is quite clearly a Buying situation, not a selling situation.


Buyer requests are not counted towards response rate.You don’t have to reply to any offer you receive.


Yes, you do because so many always find you and message directly.


No matter how annoying and insane their proposition you must get back to them or … down you go.


You’re talking about completely 2 different things.

Response rate is calculated ONLY on the first direct message from any user (seller or buyer, doesn’t matter). It has nothing to do with offers sent to buyer requests. Please don’t create confusion for newbies reading the forum.


i didn’t response that ******* cheater, i reported him.
but still fiverr’s system count cheater’s hack attempt as a request and de leveled my account.

btw they also reject my pro application, after almost 1 year later.
i create “custom” 2d animations without templates or animation creator websites like goanime.
there is only 2 seller can described “has equal quality with my gig”

1 year ago, i get my first big client from fiverr. i created a pilot cartoon episode for them.
they sell it to HULU, and soon they will come back for whole season.

GUESS WHAT? that project will guaranteed my future with 6 digit income ( :

what should i do?

it looks like, my fiverr adventure will end soon…


yes fiverr groving day by day,
but their focal point already changed from “based on seller&buyer satisfaction” to “we need more money”

it’s sad…! *****

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i can’t open this ****** message completely, but when i first get it.
i translate it with google

and it says;

this is your lucky day, i’m a rich man who so close to **** . i want to share my money with you…

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But you are missing the point. If the sellers see your buyer request and then they contact you. That is what I am talking about.

Please don’t create confusion for newbies reading the forum.


Again. You’re talking about direct messages that sellers have sent you :disappointed:
I understand what you mean, but you’re using the wrong words by mentioning buyer requests and creating confusion.

Buyer requests are not part of response rate. If someone bypasses the usual process and sends you a direct message then it’s not a standard offer to a buyer request.

Let’s make it simple

  • Whatever offers you receive through buyer requests section don’t need to be answered.
  • Direct messages from users need a response to the first message within 24h no matter what the content is.


You just said exactly what I said. Only via three extra comments.


Well done on the Hulu deal. I hope you get your rewards man.

But, yes, those spam messages can really do your response rate damage. There is a heck of a lot more to Fiverr than meets the eye.

It is not explained well, you just kinda stumble upon these idiosyncrasies.


To be clear for the newbies reading this. Since the thread got a bit unclear from zealous input.

I am talking about creating a buyers request. The sellers respond to your request right there. This does NOT affect your response rate.

But some are clever and find your profile and message you directly. THAT is what I am talking about. You MUST respond to those or your response rate will go down.