Seller review after you give your review?


What is the point of a seller reviewing a buyer? You have a bad experience give an honest review. (And all these sellers expect even ask for 5 star review) Then the seller gets a bad review and of course, seller isn’t gonna give you a good review.


In some cases, buyers utilize the review system as a means to taunt the seller even if they provided what was agreed upon. Sellers would also be allow to explain their side of things on that very order.


Some sellers wonder that, too, because the review doesn’t show on the buyer’s profile. However, there are several good reasons for a seller to leave a review:

  1. Telling their side of the story.

  2. By being polite in their response, showing that they’re professionals.

  3. Warning other sellers (for example, that the buyer tried to get more than they paid for, and got abusive when they refused to work for free).

Either way, that review is unlikely to affect buyers; it might help sellers get new jobs if they manage to respond like professionals.


I think the point is for the seller to be able to defend themselves. Some of us have had experiences where we have been asked for work beyond the scope of our gig and then been threatened with a bad review if we did not deliver what we do not offer at a low price. :confused:

Maybe so, maybe not. However, a buyer does not lose their buying status due to poor reviews. Sellers are evaluated monthly and can drop their level based on reviews. TRS have lost their levels clear down to level 1 or even new sellers since the Fiverr monthly evaluations that started in January.

Yes, I agree. However, many sellers have been threatened with bad reviews as a way for buyers to get free or cheap work. So please understand that.

It is against Fiverr ToS to ask for 5:star: reviews. They can ask to be given a review, but sellers can not ask for a specific review, not even a good review.


And even that is not recommended, because Fiverr already reminds buyers twice to leave a review.


It is pretty simple in this case seller gave me a bad review only because he got a bad review. Why is it seller can reply after the buyer reviews them maybe is the question.


Some other person threatening has nothing to do with me.


Because it’s only fair to let them tell their side of the story. If you feel that their review is inappropriate, you can report them to Customer Support.


It doesn’t, but you can’t demand that the system not take that into consideration when setting things up. If you didn’t do anything wrong, then it shouldn’t matter what the seller responds to you; after all, you’re a buyer and the review won’t affect your stats or anything.


Maybe not, but I wanted you to understand why some sellers may ask for 5-star reviews even though they are not supposed to.


Many sellers like to thank the buyer who leaves a nice review and wish them well in their review of they buyer.