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Seller reviewing buyers?

Is there any point in reviewing a buyer, other than to explain any miscommunications? Last I checked, buyers don’t have ratings or sellers can’t see what kind of reviews they have received from other sellers.

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Thanks, great tip.

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For sure bad ratings are not shown on the profile, as I was tricked by a buyer and I gave him 1 star and my rating and comment wasn’t shown. Fiverr is a scam for doing that !

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I like leaving buyer reviews its good when someone leaves you great feedback to return the favour. Karma all all that :slight_smile:

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It would help other sellers check out a buyer, if there was a way to see buyer feedback.
Otherwise it is an opportunity to show potential buyers how nice you are.


Can you help me please? I got only one angry buyer that told me that he leave a bad comment… and I don’t know for how long I have to leave a comment to him? Or should I do it? What’s the best option? Thanks in advance


I think that reviewing a buyer, especially one who you feel could return for future orders, is a great practice. It gives them feedback (and enables your review to be seen). As @kindoflost pointed out, it could help other sellers as well!

Hope it helps :blush:


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