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Seller revision time

I recently bought a gig and the seller did not deliver on time. The gig was for a character illustration. The actual delivery time was 4 days. So I told him to either cancel the order if not finished or show me the result. He then apologized and told me that he has finished the work and also said that if you want you can see the work or cancel it. So I told him to show the work. Then I requested a revision. This time no revision timing is available. Can a seller hide a revision time? I don’t know how much time it will take. Now, it is been 4 days more since I requested a revision. This person is taking damn too long!! What should I do? I just want to cancel the order!!

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Orders can stay in revision indefinitely, so there is no time limit for them. If the seller is refusing to cancel, you can contact Customer Support to have them cancel the order for you.


To add to the above comment and clarify a little, sellers can’t “hide” revision time, it just stays in revision until the seller submits the revised delivery.

Is this a new seller? They seem to have underestimated their time management, but they should be communicating with you. Try to send a message to your seller specifically (and politely) requesting an estimated time frame for completion. If they don’t respond in 24 hours (which is absolutely reasonable, sellers should respond to messages WELL within a day), or don’t offer a satisfactory estimate, request the cancellation. If the seller then refuses to accept the cancelation, as mentioned above, open a ticket with customer service so they can intervene for you. Which, by the way, is also why you always want to be professional and polite in your interactions, no matter how frustrated you may be. Customer service will have access to these messages, and you won’t want to have come across as unprofessional, yourself. :wink: