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Seller ripping off my work!


Using my work to promote their gigs!

I have contacted Fiverr but wanted to make maximum awareness of this as I am absolutely furious!!!

My contact detail is in the bottom right corner of the flyer and this flyer was produced for a private client of mine that inspired me to start the Retro gig on here 8 months ago.

Sellers like this should be banned.

Seller has just deleted the picture - but the fact they did it in the first place means they cannot be trusted. I wonder how long they have been using it… it was only through a loyal client that I was informed.

Reply to @artworkking:


She said that???

Here’s what I don’t get, she does designs herself too, right?

Why won’t she create her own image? I saw her other samples, they looked

pretty fine to me.

Anyway, I hope you get this person banned.

Wow, I read/hear about crazy stuff all the time, but this one is new.

Good luck!

You may want to erase the gig url above, it’s equivalent to calling the seller out. I do understand your frustration though, every other week or so someone copy’s my gig description verbatim. This seems pretty common though. I would suggest watermarking your samples, this may deter thief’s.

I can still see the photo on the seller’s profile. I just can’t wrap my head around why someone would blatantly use someone else’s work as their own and think they can get away with it. But yes, as accessgirl said you should remove that url.

How did she get it?

Curious, for the future protection of mankind

I’ve received two messages from them - both are very light hearted saying stuff along the lines of ‘My bad!’ and ‘Oops!’.

I’m a pretty easy going guy, but come on! It’s certainly not an ‘Oops!’ is it! They would have had to go into my gig, get a screen shot, and upload it as their own.

If I’ve picked up on them doing this with my gig, who’s to say anything in their portfolio is their own? Seller’s may be being misguided and ripped off!

Seller has put it back up!!!


Reply to @artworkking:

Wow, seriously?

You should contact CS right away and make them close her account.

She’s a level 2 seller, I’m quite surprised that she is doing this.

I hope CS will be able to help you.

From my experience, usually when I report to CS about a stolen gig or image,

they act quickly. Good luck!

Reply to @zeus777: Yes, I reported it straight away with all details but I’m yet to get a response. Hence me posting it on here as well, so hopefully a Fiverr team member will see it and act urgently.

It’s beyond a joke.

I’m beginning to think I’ve lost the plot!!!

Just got this message from seller in question:

"I accept the fact that I have done something terribly wrong and I am genuinely sorry for that. If you can please accept my apology and I will purchase this design from you so that I can put it back in there."

Are they serious!?!?!?!?! Purchase my gig to pretend to potential clients that they did it themselves?

I really do not have any problems now if Fiverr admin decide to take this extremely seriously and ban the seller. Unbelievable!!!

Seller is claiming they sourced the file from google. Although this may be the case (although I am still not able to find it as an image on google search), it still does not excuse using other people’s work as their own.

Like @zeus777 mentions, I produced an ‘example’ image for everyone of my gigs (apart from my tip jar) and used those as my initial portfolio image - they then grew from there.

It stinks of laziness, ‘earning-a-quick-buck’ and downright rudeness to think it is ‘OK’ use someone else’s hard work as their own.

I do hope Fiverr respond soon - this attitude needs to be stamped out!!!

Reply to @artworkking:

Doesn’t matter where they sourced it from. It is encumbent on the user to ensure they have rights to use copyright material.


Candi x

Reply to @artworkking: Oh wow, have you told her you reported her? If not, don’t even mention it. Make sure CS catches her with the photo on her gig. Take screenshots and send them the message she sent. I wonder if her other gigs have stolen photos.

If it was produced for a client I would get them involved asap - as you have have no Copyright Claims to the work once it’s been purchased and delivered to the Buyer. This is what we all agreed to during sign-up per the Terms of Service.

This is why Fiverr won’t remove sample photos (work from past clients) on your own portfolio for this exact agreement - the buyer has to contact Customer Service and request to remove it themselves as they have full rights to it.

The buyer (your clients whose work has been stolen) needs to contact Customer Service and report them as well. Or the very least contact them, let them know someones claiming your work to be their own and then politely ask if them if you can screenshot your conversation with regarding the Copyrighted and stolen material and contact Customer Service about it immediately. You need a evidence and a good defense - if a buyer is aware and unhappy about it I’m sure Fiverr’s Team will do something about it fast.

Really sad to hear about the Seller and it’s quite unprofessional of them. Good luck!

The same happened to me 2 months ago. Copied me gig text and was even using my gig video and people were ordering it. So i took screen shots made a video for cs and send all of that info along with links. It only took CS a few hours to ban them form fiverr. Hope they take care of this for you.

Reply to @eddycloyd:

Glad to hear about that - it’s been 48 hours now and no response from CS.

I do hope they look into this with a matter of urgency.

I do too. I would send them a follow up message and if you have not done this yet also send them any info like screen shots and links it will help speed up the process. The one thing that has helped me was i sent a message and ask ask the seller why they did this and when they replied saying their sorry that the just liked my gig. I took a screen shot of that and sent that as well.

Spot on Eddycloyd. My message to CS is about 8 messages long now, each one with URL and screenshots along the way, so just waiting for the reply.


ok let me know what the outcome is and hope they pull the plug on this person