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Seller’s Account Disappeared and I am no longer able to contact


I have an order in which I accepted because the seller *********** stated that I had to accept it to get other services I order within the package. Here we are on day 4 or 5 and I haven’t received any of my files, my intro video, and it says now I am unable to contact her. Please help resolve this issue.
I would like to talk to a live agent or be able to just get my files , video, and etc so I can have them since I already paid.

Also, it states the user profile doesn’t exist anymore and I am not allowed to contact them.


Leonard Freeman

Mod Note: Username removed.


Hi Leonard, Its seems seller’s account is suspended or disabled. You can contact to customer support for refund.

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Maybe the seller blocked you. Ask customer support.


Hi @bjaye24shsu seller’s account has been disbaled.

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Seller Banned because of suspicious activities / Payments


How long do sellers usually get banned for ?


Thay are banned forever.


How can I establish if they have been banned or if they have blocked me, because if ive been blocked I want to place a complaint.


You can always reach out to customer support and ask them.


Maybe it was only suspended, because I can still see in the message thread that they have been online but just unable to message them and cant find them from my account, or someone elses


A seller can block any buyer they want at any time of their choosing. Complaining to Fiverr is not going to help since the block feature is something that’s recently been made available to Fiverr users. Obviously, you can’t expect Fiverr to penalize a Fiverr user for using one of the features offered on their website.

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I can expect them to be penalised for being incredibly unprofessional.


If you don’t have an open order with them then they are free to choose whom to ban and whom not. Regardless if that’s professional or not


I was blocked after I asked her a question about the logo she provided me.


I would suggest you to open your own thread as this is some else’s topic. and explain all situation there including what did you ask her in regards to an order, how long ago you had that order etc.
right now we are really guessing and wouldn’t be able to help you without knowing the facts.

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Oh crap im so sorry I had no idea.
Thankyou anyway


However unfortunate your present situation may be, the ToS doesn’t say sellers can be penalized for being unprofessional. It is up to you to choose a seller of your choice/liking. If a seller doesn’t meet your professional expectations, you can’t just report them to Fiverr. I mean, sure, you can report them. But that’s not going to yield you any results.

If the provided logo does not match what’s promised in the gig description or, in case of a custom order, doesn’t match what was promised by the seller, you can definitely report the seller to CS.

You, however, cannot report the seller to CS if the quality of the delivered product didn’t match your expectations or if the seller used the block feature on you.