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Seller Said A Third Party Would Complete An Order

I recently received a message from a potential seller after I posted a request. I asked him if he had experience in the subject. He admitted he did not have any experience and was going to ask a friend to complete the work.

That raised a major red flag. I need to communicate to the person who is completing the work and that should be the seller. My requirements may not be properly told from a seller speaking to another person.

Is this allowed at Fiverr? I have never met a seller, who has other people complete an order.


It is not forbidden and in real world we also have a lot of resellers.

However it does imply a lot of complications.
If you feel that you are not ready to deal with that and how he will communicate with other person then it’s better to pass on his offer.


This is a good question for customer service. I think this is allowed, Fiverr even lets sellers work in teams. On the other hand, it seems this would complicate matters if you have a revision request or two. If you demand a refund, the seller would have to get a refund from the third party, and he would lose whatever fees he paid to order.

My experience as a buyer shows me that most sellers do their own work, whether the quality is good or bad is a different matter.


There are small companies of multiple people sell in Fiverr under one seller name. This is not illegal. I get hired buy other sellers who offer the same service I do. They simply pass the instructions.

But this could cause problems to some work and may taker longer to finish a project than when working directly with guy who does the work. I have first hand experience :slight_smile:

It’s allowed, but why would you go with someone that is just going to outsource it to a third party that will do it for cheaper? Cut out the middlemen, pay less for the same result.


I’m only a seller, so I don’t really see Fiverr from a buyer’s perspective, but I imagine that they can’t find the cheapest option as it may be on the last (few) pages. If you think about it, it’s the same as wholesalers, but we don’t have a problem with them.

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It’s completely different. Wholesalers take care of shipping and distribution - their business is logistics. That doesn’t exist with digital goods. Also, if the guys making it are on the last few pages, it’s probably because they ain’t great at it anyway, so you are paying over market rate for under market results. The cheapest option is usually the cheapest for a reason.


I agree it’s extremely unprofessional and wouldn’t be acceptable but at least they told you. I’m sure it’s allowed but apparently there are lots of sellers who don’t understand the simple idea that you want to hire the person who is actually doing the job.

As someone else mentioned, there are gigs where there is an entire team of people or more than one at least who may do the work but hopefully if this is the case the seller is direct about communicating that in their gigs.


Yes, it is, outsourcing is fairly common here.

Usually it’s not other people completing the whole order, just parts of it (for example, video makers outsource voice overs and script writing to other sellers, though not all of them will have the courtesy to tell you that). However, when someone is swamped with orders, they might outsource some of them to others.

On the other hand, applying to do a job they have no experience with? Unless that friend is a part of their team, I wouldn’t want to work with that seller.


Not really. I mean I’m not necessarily big on the idea of people doing it - but at the end of the day, it’s just business.


I think that is alright to pass work to other person , other then who is communicating !
there are services which can not be handled by single person and need more manpower but communicator would always be one who understand and convey message right to next one !

Outsourcing is not forbidden. I personally don’t work with resellers but plenty of people knowingly do.

You have your studios that are openly presented as a collective of people and “studios” that pretend to be a single person but in fact are an account owner and a bunch of “pupils” that I sure hope get compensated for their work.

“My friend’s gonna do it” is a pretty juvenile (but honest) way to treat a client, though.


Is it permitted? Yes.
Is it right? Eh… that’s a grey area.
Will I get what I pay for? BIG maybe.
If I order the same thing again, will I get the same person who worked on the first order? This is where you might run into problems. Because sellers tend to raise their prices as they earn proof of their skills, it may not be profitable for the re-seller to contract the same person in the future.

There’s also the fact that any review you give the re-seller was technically earned by someone else. (This might be against the TOS, as these reviews are given based on work they’ve not done.)

Maybe you could order a tiny test/sample? And/or pay the re-seller the $5 for connecting you with the actual skilled person directly? (Using the retailer example, yes it’s cheaper to buy directly from the warehouse, but the ability to preview things in stores is part of what makes up for the rise in price. You’re paying for the storage/display space of the goods. Another part is the cost of shipping, the retailer is bringing the items closer to you.)

I would be angry if I hired someone to do a job and instead of them doing it, they hired someone else.

I hire someone I want to do the job-- themself.

If a seller told me they do not do it themself I won’t hire them.

Maybe others don’t care who does a job for them.

The way fiverr is set up, one person, the buyer, hires another person, the seller, assumes the person they hire will be the one doing the job. It has to do with:

1. being able to communicate directly with the person doing the job
2. knowing the reputation of the one doing the job
3. seeing reviews of the one who actually does the job
4. knowing exactly who is doing the job for you.

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Let 's say you wanna order Mercedes car. Dealer says no worries, I can handle that, I will ask Skoda to manufacture and deliver your Mercedes car. I would not feel comfortable in no way and go to different dealer. No matter if it is allowed or not.

See, this is different. A car dealer is certified. With a little thought, even kids know that milk doesn’t really come from stores, it comes from cows. BUT, these middlemen are known. The issue comes into play when the retailer claims that the very cotton for the dress on display in the window comes from their own fields.