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Seller said work is delivered but there is nothing there. Advice?

The order is marked as delivered and seller sent a mail saying the work was enclosed
but there is no attachment, nothing. I have tried everything, turning off ad blocker etc

I have emailed twice today asking where it was but got no response.

It was supposed to be 1 day delivery. I have now missed my deadline
so it’s pretty useless to me now anyhow.

Do I request to cancel the gig or how do I go about dealing with this situation?

Extremely disappointing experience.

If you don’t do anything the order will be automatically completed in 3 days and game over.
So, you can request a revision to stop the clock. Then you can ask as many questions as needed to sort this out with the seller. If they don’t respond at all then contact customer service.

thanks for the reply.
I have mailed them 2 times already and got no response.
Why would *I stop the clock - they haven’t delivered.
I think requesting a revision (of something that’s not there)
only confuse things.
It is not better to request a cancellation?

I can’t check your order and I don’t know all the details, so if you are 100% sure nothing was delivered then cancel it. Personally I would rather talk to the seller first to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


I have to agree with @uxreview because there is a chance that the seller did deliver and either there was an upload glitch or there is some other explanation. If the seller went to bed or had to go out after delivering, they may not have seen your messages yet.

If you request a revision and perhaps contact Customer Support to explain what your problem is, you’ll keep the order from auto-completing to protect yourself but you’ll still have the option to cancel. Of course, if you prefer to ask for a cancellation right off, it is your option.


I agree with fonthaunt:

Send a message to customer support.

Ask them to check the delivery you got to see if there is anything there.

If they say no then ask them to give you a refund. That would be my suggestion.

If they say yes then ask how you can see the attachment or delivery.

Okay thanks guys for all the replies.

I emailed early this afternoon and still haven’t heard anything.

If I don’t hear anything by mid morning I will so as misscrystal suggests and send a msg to customer support.

Thanks again!

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You emailed or replied through fiverr website? if you replied on the mail that you received from fiverr then seller never get that

The seller sent a mail this morning this time with the ‘work’ attached.
So I take it from that they did receive my emails.
But there was no apology or acknowledgment of mails… simply acted as nothing happened.
Additionally I was completed shocked by the ‘work’… it was supposed to be an easy translation
of a letter… Google translate would have done a better job!
I think the seller is not able to offer the services they advertise - I don’t say that lightly, it truly was
I contacted customer services and asked them to cancel the order and look into the seller.
To their credit they responded quickly informing me they cancelled the order and would look into
the seller.
Disappointing experience but customer services were extremely helpful.
Thanks for all the replies. Really appreciate the advice.

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Yes fiverr CS is the best :grinning: