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Seller says to buyer don't click on request modification

Hello , I want ask one thing . is this a fiverr voilate terms n condition or warning if seller say buyer don’t click on request modification n sdnc message directly for modification without click on request mifucation. If any seller do this then he can get warning or it is voilate terms n condition ? Please reply me fast . thanks

Yes it is definitely a big no-no when a seller asks a buyer to not use the “request a modification” button.

If the buyer is entitled to a revision, and actually has a list of edits, then they should use the modification request and not message the buyer.


Seller says to buyer don’t click on request modification

This sounds like the set up to a joke.
Wonder if anyone has any potential punchlines for this?

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The buyer then says: I don’t need any changes, approved!

-pushed it too far probably-


Thanks for reply and in my case buyer has click on request modification but they don’t sent changes list . they sent only message they will send change list . that all happening from last 7 days but I did not get any changes list till now , also buyer don’t reply me . now what should I do ?

I use a great designer on fiverr who says not to click on the revision button.
I know he is excellent and works hard until he delivers exactly what I want so I never questioned it.
I just message him to tell him the changes I want and he responds and does it instantly, over and over until it’s right.

So it’s not always a bad thing if a seller says that. If it’s a seller you don’t know, or one that’s not top rated, or new, then I would use the revision button.

If he uses the revision button but doesn’t communicate what he wants I wouldn’t give him more than 24 hours, then re-send the same thing with a note that since he never said what he wanted changed you had to deliver the same thing.

Ask him to please not use the revision button unless he tells you at the same time what changes he wants. Otherwise you are under a time constraint to re-deliver the same thing.

Requesting a revision is a right that all the customers should get. So it’s not ethical to ask not to click on request modification button. According to my experience, it’s for the best. When your buyer clicks on the request modification button, it will show up in your dashboard and you will never miss a modification. I find that very helpful because you can miss a modification among other notifications if your buyer just sent a message via the order page. So i always encourage to click on the request modification button. And that will count on your revision count as well if you have a limit on the revisions.

Thanks for reply but if I deliver again same n He gave me negative then what can I do ?