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Seller says to buyer don't click on request modification

Hello , I want ask one thing . is this a fiverr voilate terms n condition or warning if seller say buyer don’t click on request modification n sdnc message directly for modification without click on request mifucation. If any seller do this then he can get warning or it is voilate terms n condition ? Please reply me fast . thanks

Yes it is definitely a big no-no when a seller asks a buyer to not use the “request a modification” button.

If the buyer is entitled to a revision, and actually has a list of edits, then they should use the modification request and not message the buyer.


Seller says to buyer don’t click on request modification

This sounds like the set up to a joke.
Wonder if anyone has any potential punchlines for this?

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The buyer then says: I don’t need any changes, approved!

-pushed it too far probably-