Seller says work delivered yet doesnt deliver what do i do?


theres nothing you can do that i know of and the resolution offered on fiverr interface is to come to this forum - jesus - this has happened to me twice now, im notified through site that gigs delivered seller says dont worry i will do it and it says leave feedback, he has already paused the gig so no one will see any bad feedback anyway then he wil delete the gig - SO FIVERR IS BROKEN AND OPEN TO SCAMMERS -


paused or not you can give a negative


Yes…paused or not you can leave negative feedback AND you forget that even if he/she deletes the gig and creates a new one, the negative will still stick to his/her overall sellers rating. I know that I wouldn’t buy from someone rated at 47%, even if the gig had 100%.


Leading on from the above points, you are also able to “reject” the completion message from the order page - meaning the order opens back up to the seller.