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Seller scammed me to get paid

I purchased a gig about 2 years ago for a client, a female voiceover, and they didn’t require it at the time. So like I have with a few other gigs, left it opened in case I needed it in the future. Then last week I get a message saying that the seller has completed the order and can I review it, so I had a look and they had posted an image from istockphoto (instead of the $35 voiceover. I asked them to please cancel the order, as I didn’t pay $35 for a jpeg and they refused. I sent a complaint to Fiverr and have been totally ignored, and today the order completed and the scammer got paid. After 9 odd years and having spent $20,000 on here it’s put me off using this site again sadly. Why has customer service become so bad?


I’m just trying to understand: did you request a revision on the order to keep it open for 2 years? Or did you place an order but didn’t fullfill the Requirements?


There’s a heart icon on each gig for you to save them. Ordering a gig with no intention of completing an order is just damn right immoral.

I’m sure it’s against the terms of service somewhere but even if it isn’t, no one should be ordering gigs to “reserve” them (at least I think that’s what you’re saying).

So many things wrong about this post, you might spend $10 a year or $1mill a year, the terms of service are exactly the same.


So basically I didn’t give the person requirements. I left the job open and then they used a sly move to complete the job. I asked Fiverr 2 years ago to cancel and had no response I also asked the seller to cancel twice and had no response. Ok I think my days on Fiverr are over. Thank you and take care

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Hello Selfcatering2471,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. According to your scenario, I recommend you not to place orders without providing requirements. If you place “Incomplete orders”, both sellers and buyers will have issues. I think your seller has delivered your order cause it was in his orders list for a long time.

My recommendations :

  • Don’t place empty orders without providing all related requirements.
  • If you accidentally placed an order, ask seller or customer support to cancel it. Communication is important than staying silent.
  • If you got a notification saying “A buyer has delivered your order”, please review it. You will have 3 days to check it, and you can ask for modifications if it’s not matching with your initial requirements.
  • Fiverr customer support never ignore support tickets. In this time, CS getting busy with huge amount of tickets. So it will take around 2-4 days to address your issue. But don’t worry, as the seller delivered an un-matching project, you will have a chance.

Hope you will stay with Fiverr for long time.

Have a good day!


That’s on you. You are not allowed to do that. Nightmare buyer behaviour. You have no right to keep a job open for 2 years. It’s also against terms of service to place an order without requirements. Good riddance, we don’t need people like you here.


I can’t tell if this is a genuine post. Do you actually believe the seller was in the wrong here? You left an order open with this person for TWO YEARS?


So, did you


Did you intentionally leave it open for 2 years (if you have, $35 is nowhere near enough to compensate the seller for the stress you’ve caused them), or did you try to cancel it 2 years ago?

If you have intentionally left an order open for 2 years, it might be a relief to sellers to know that you won’t do the same to them.

Your profile says that you have joined in February 2013, so it’s 7 years, not 9.

Is your topic a joke to see how others would respond?


There’s no way this guy is genuine. Sounds like a troll account. Joined forums recently as well haha. And if he is indeed real, good riddance. The world doesn’t need clients like you, let alone this site. I can’t imagine the anxiety of having an order stuck for 2 years if I wanted to go for a vacation or something.

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The buyer and the seller are both in the wrong here, and in fairness, there’s an important lesson for sellers, as this happens way more often than it should. The seller in this case, could get a warning for misuse of the Deliver Now button.

What we do, is if an order has been ‘opened’, but no requirements submitted, and the buyer has gone non-responsive, we allow up to 1 week. After that time has passed, we approach Customer Support, cancel the order, then block the buyer (for being a time-waster).

I’ve heard some crazy things on this forum, but man…

As a seller who has always been baffled as to why people place orders, don’t communicate and don’t submit requirements, I thank you for making that decision.


Customer support is taking longer to respond now, maybe because of the COVID-19 thing/many new support tickets (eg. due to many new Fiverr members).

and today the order completed and the scammer got paid

Saying “No” to “Are you happy with the delivery…?” then selecting a reason would have allowed you to put it in revision mode so that it wouldn’t have automatically completed. You could have done that as well as reporting it if you were scammed.

When CS get back to you you’ll probably be refunded even if it’s completed if you show them you didn’t get what you paid for (since it happened within the last 14 days). You could also screenshot the order page and what was delivered to show CS.

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Not to sound extremely unsympathetic, but maybe make sure that you need a thing before you buy a thing? Or if you already did, maybe handle it then and there by requesting a cancellation because you don’t need the product any longer?

All the “incomplete” orders don’t go away automatically. They just hang in there forever affecting the earnings balance and it’s incredibly annoying. No one needs an incomplete order in there queue for 2 years when their prices might change overtime, their services might change and when the dang thing can be activated at any moment.

Just a bit of courtesy and consideration would be nice. And, you get your money back, too.

PS Report the seller to customer support, it’s a ToS violation. Your chances to get your money back (and for that seller to get penalized heavily) are close to 100% in this situation.


I feel like they should add this into the Terms of Service - in this exact wording.


I do like posts like these because it’s the second time I read about a seller trying to get rid of a years-old incomplete order by delivering a stock image (unsuccessfully). It gives an insight into the buyer’s mindset and how orders like this happen.

A buyer notices pretty quickly. Which means that most of the people who placed incomplete orders with me probably could read all of my: “Hi. Do you plan to proceed with this order or should I cancel it? Thank you!” messages.

I have strong feelings about incomplete orders. Like, no, I don’t need you to randomly activate a $25 order 3 years later when I’m in the hospital or out of the country.


Though they might get less sales that way, if the buyer didn’t really need it, they just wanted it. It could reduce impulse buys or maybe reduce sales of things that are just for fun or things they aren’t sure if they really needed it.

I’m usually sympathetic to ‘horror stories’ on here.

But from my point of view as a seller, I would be incredibly annoyed if a buyer placed an order but didn’t provide any requirements.

Sellers are human beings too - trying to run their lives in an organised way.

I can easily understand how, from the seller’s point of view, seeing an incomplete order hanging about their business for two years would send them crazy.

Form the information you’ve given, I would say you are just as much in the wrong as the seller - although (for the reasons stated above) my sympathies are with them and not you.


While that is true, it doesn’t make it ok for a seller to submit a placeholder image to get paid for an order he didn’t do.


Excuse you, I personally need all the things I want to buy. At least at that very moment when I buy them.

Then I watch an episode of Marie Kondo show and might start doubting myself.


Honestly, I wouldn’t keep an order hanging for 2 years. I also don’t see the logic of keeping an order open for two years. Is that even a thing?

In all fairness. The seller did not scam you, in fact this must be the most patient seller I have ever encountered. They deserve a medal.

I am also doubting the authenticity of the information provided and the account.


Though they could have just contacted the buyer about it and if no response was given after a few days they could have requested cancellation (not sure if contacting more the buyer more than once about it could be classed as spam). It then should automatically cancel if it isn’t declined. I think currently (not sure about 2 year old orders) it should have no effect on stats if it’s cancelled after being at least 7 days in the “incomplete” state.