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Seller sel me google adsense account on feverr & second day he removed from e mail id what should i do

********** sell me the google adsense account & he linkd the account with my email id

in next what heppen is he removed this account from my mail ID how i dont know.

i dont have control for this because order is already completed cost was 120$

can sombody help me to resolve this

Well, first of all, it is against Google’s rules to be selling Adsense accounts. Why did you buy someone else’s account, when you could easily have signed up for one yourself?

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actually my website is new n not approved by google adsense that reason he sugest me to this is the best way

can we get refund after order delivery

This is NOT the best way. It was a terrible choice, and now, it appears as though you are suffering the consequences of that bad choice. It is never a good idea to do something underhanded just to get around the rules – in this case, the rules of Google. You make things worse for yourself by intentionally breaking the rules. If Google finds out, your entire site could be de-listed – or worse.

Yes, you can ask your seller for a refund via the Resolution Center. Good luck.


He might sell that same account over and over to people since he has a way of removing the account from you.

Google will see that it is an unapproved website, even if he left the account with you.

It won’t work. Google is too smart and will know what your website is, and if it’s not approved the account will be closed. I agree that you cannot get around the rules and you definitely can’t fool Google. Surely you don’t think they won’t know where those ads of theirs are appearing!