Seller selling ebooks not written by them


I recently purchased a gig, the seller sent me an ebook which seems was written by someone else. This particular ebook is for sale online by the original writer and I don’t think the seller has the rights to sell it.

How do I report this or dispute the gig?


Contact the customer support and get yourself refund. I think gigs lilke those will surely give bad rep to fiverr and will bring all sort of trickery and piracy here. I suggest you to contact support as soon as possible.


I would also suggest contacting the original author that you’ve found online to alert them about this. I’d be really annoyed to find out that one of my eBooks was being sold online without my permission and would be really thankful if someone alerted me to the piracy. You never know, the author may have allowed it or have an account under a different name on here and sell their own books.

Definitely contact Customer Support about it though. They can take the relevant action against the seller offering the gig.


You might want to ask the seller if they have rights to resell.