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Seller Sending Flattened Uneditable .AI File as "Source File"

Hi All,
Hopefully someone can help me with this.

I bought a Gig for a image design (photo trace to make cartoon) from a seller and the Gig included the source file.

Once the seller delivered the Gig, he gave an .AI file that is completely flattened, and unvectorized. Just like when you open a raster file in illustrator. I can’t edit the file without doing an image trace.

Whe I asked the seller for the source file that is supposed to be included in the gig, he tells me that the flattened file he sent is the source file and that .AI file is $10 extra… Huh?

I understand that many sellers charge extra to send source file, but I specifically looked for Gigs that included the source file for free because I knew I would have to make edits and I just wanted a workable starting point for this project.

At this point I have 3 more open gigs with this seller which would be $40 extra to receive the editable files that were supposed to included with the gig.

How should I handle this with the seller? I don’t understand how he can think that it is ok to advertise source file as included and then say that .AI file is $10 extra…

What does he think “source file” means? This is crazy.

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Okay, I’m no logo expert but I’ve had some experience in buying logos … Perhaps you wanted the vector files? In packages there are source files and vector files, perhaps when you mentioned about you wanting the .AI file that’s why he added the $10 extra? Don’t take my word for it though, I’m no expert with the technical stuff regarding logos, but that’s just my understanding about packages as I noticed some gigs have source files but an extra for vector files or higher tier packages include both the source and vector files…


The general gig description may mention including a source file (Format Type column in About This Gig section) but if the gig is divided into 3 packages, not all of them may have it included. The basic package especially. Some buyers miss that part.

If you checked and the specific package you bought includes the .AI source file you can screenshot it and contact the seller first and the CS second because in this case, it’s violating Fiverr’s Terms of Service by not delivering (either intentionally or by genuinely not knowing how vectors work) the full scope of work you’ve paid for.

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Yes, I double checked the gig and there is only one tier (the $5 one) which includes the source file.

The seller has an extra for the gig that says “.AI file for +$10”

However, I don’t necessarily have to have an .AI file as long as the source file is vectorized and editable. (The file could be .eps of .pdf or .psd etc.)

I think that the term “source file” means that I should be getting an editable vectorized file regardless of the format… Am I right?

I thought that the source file IS the vector file… If not, then what is the difference?

That should be it if vector graphics is the style that is advertised. In case of an image trace it’s reasonable to assume that. Flattened image is neither vector nor a source file in any way.

If you’re ordering a vector design, vector file would be a source file. If you’re ordering any kind of raster art, it may not be the case. But either way it should be layered, not flattened.

Oh, honestly I’m sorry but I can’t go any deeper with technicalities. I just shared my understanding and experiences as a buyer. I’m sorry. :sweat_smile:

I think @lenasemenkova explained it much better. :grinning:

Anyhow, you’ll have to discuss that with the seller and request the layered and editable one as it is your right as a buyer – as you were able to verify that your purchase includes one.

I had this problem two times and had to ask for my money back, It appears thats common among gigs. They flatten the .ai and scam people sending that file and arguing it’s editable.