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Seller, sends ake file to mark order complete, then closes his user account


Hi! In the last week I have paid for 4 orders, with 4 different sellers, 3 were delivered on time and were of high quality… However the 4th order (and the most expensive one) went wrong… Just before the deadline to complete the order, the seller sent an unrelated file so he could mark the order complete, and he included a note “still working on it”.
I messaged him back asking if the file he sent was mine or meant for someone else, 2 days ago, I got no response, so today I sent anther message asking how things were going, noticed that there was still no response to my previous message so I clicked on his user name to go to see if he was online… I got the following message across the top of my screen "The user account you are looking for is no longer available"
So he got my $90 and I got a file with the word Pushh and a high heel shoe… neither of which were anything to do with my requested order… Opened a dispute, but that won’t do any good if he shut down his account… so I contacted customer support and am hoping that they can refund me my money… The seller had 5 star ratings so I thought I was dealing with someone descent…


Support should be able to help you. Your payout doesn’t clear until 15 days so he/she wouldn’t have had access to the money to transfer it from Fiverr.


thank you for that information Shashanewallace


According to Fiverr’s Terms of Service, if the seller is no longer an active Fiverr user due to Terms of Service violations or closure of their account, the order can be cancelled by Customer Support. If CS has banned the seller for a ToS violation, you should get your funds back (as Fiverr credit) quickly.