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Seller sent incomplete requirements! Help!

In this gig I basically transcribe a recording into a sheet music. The only problem is that the seller didn’t send me any audio, it’s just a xml file! What should I do? And how will it effect my seller’s status?


@daxxonmaestro if your buyer complete requirements untill send your time can’t count so cool! text your buyer

Probably I’ve explained it wrong I’m sorry. The buyer filled the requirements box with instruction about what part of the recording I should transcribed. The only problem is that there’s no recording. The attached file is a text file. I messaged the buyer but it’s been 1 day and he didn’t answer.

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@daxxonmaestro you send text to extend time & send proper details for your project, it’s better for you!

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Try contacting CS. Also, make sure in your Requirement box your buyers see when they place an order it is clearly written " AUDIO FILES ONLY (.mp3, .m4a insert other types of files you accept) "

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Turns out, the buyer required an order cancellation, I accepted it and now my completion rate has been affected.