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Seller sent me a stolen logo

Hello, first time that I had an issue on fiverr, then I have no experience.

I bought a logo design, the seller said me she is a professional designer and asked me 45$ more. Totally, 62$.

After 48 hours she sent me a logo that is the same from another company (stealed the desing and changed the blue with fluorescent green). Printed my letters on top, badly.

I asked to cancel the delivery, but she refuses to return. I cancelled like 3 times but she continues cancelling my request.

Any guidance on this? very disgusting experience.


i’d suggest you to contact customer support!

Report to CS, they’ll get banned. Btw, can you post the logo and the original here?


Report immediately.

Sellers like that have no place on Fiverr.


Please ask seller that, Did you gimme a stollen logo if yes then say to give you a unique logo. if she ain’t agree then cancell the order

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You need to report them as soon as possible!



the blue one is the company she “inspired” from (its a real business)

the green one is what she sent to me

i asked for an horizontal white letters logo… she sent me that.


this is what she sent to me



here you have… both logos on the thread


Yeah, their version is an objectively worse version of the original one lol. It loses the umbrella that symbolises the “got you covered”. They can’t even copy right.


Haha yeah it’s pretty much just a triangle.

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If only the green one’s tagline was “We take your home, car and business hang gliding”


I’ll need some time to get over the fact that a legitimate business is called “Stalin Castro”. Unless it’s a miraculous coincidence and those are the real name of the founders.


That’s mess up…man…

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haha “stalin castro”. maybe it will be better if they use “lenin guevara”

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Be very careful of asserting that someone deliberately stole another’s design. It may well be she has no idea of this whatsoever.

She appears to have simply purchased a logo design (that she has legitimately bought and amended) from a popular logo development platform, and customized it for your brand. This is certainly not “professional logo design” as any of us can do it, but that does not mean she stole a logo. I also have not seen whether she said she hand-designed logos–we have only your description of how she advertised her service.

If you visit a logo development site (these places are automated), several people can buy the same design legitimately. It is like going to a book cover store and buying a cover. There is still some work required by a buyer to then customize it.

Only if someone buys full rights to a design can that design be taken from the platform so that no one else can use it.

As an author, I can also sell the same article to several buyers if each one buys only “usage rights” and not “full rights.” To buy full rights of some logo designs costs more than $62. It all depends on how much the designer wants for each usage license.

So, it’s unlikely she stole it, but what she should have done is explain that she does not manually design them all from scratch.

I personally would not worry if someone had the same logo as me if they were across the globe, in a different sector and not my competitor. When you look at corporate logos, many multinational and blue-chip brands have logos that are as similar as yours. They did not copy each other but had the misfortune to come up with the same design. :slight_smile:

I think you would be wise to request a job cancellation on the basis you will not use her work, but if you say to customer support that someone stole work and then she can prove she legitimately bought a logo design from a reputable platform you could lose your own account here and she will still be paid.

So, as a frequent buyer of both logos and other designs off ‘ready made’ platforms, again I clarify that when I buy my logo design, I have no idea which other global companies may have bought the same design–and it has not done my business any harm!

I would not expect original artwork for a low price… $62 is not as low as you can get here, but it’s still low per se, for a professional ‘designed from scratch’ logo.

But she should explain on her gig exactly how much of the design she does herself. However, if she has good reviews (I do not know if she does) then she is not a rogue seller.


I dare you to use this logo and colours in your business, and I’ll pay you another 62 bucks for the shame, the same that I’m getting here :slight_smile:

But I appreciate your words anyway. My feelings are not changing too much. This is the worse logo I get in my life.

As I said, I wanted a white letters logo because my background is blue, and I wanted horizontal logo. I got a greenish flu logo with building, boat and … well, I’m speachless.

sorry if any of my words sound rude… im just not fluent in english.


Im not an expert here at fiverr… just an ocasional customer.

Just for the records… this is what she sent to me after i bought the gig, asking 45$ more, not sure this is the normal process.

Sir / Ma’am $15 is normal basic package or $45 is custom maid high quality logo. In Total $60 you will get best unique design without copyrighting concept. I will give you full right of ownership with source file. If i will failed to fulfill your any demand then i can full refund. I done many high quality logo project. Please accept my custom offer. Thanks. If You Want Please accept my offer, If i will failed to fulfill your any demand then i can full refund. Thanks.

lenasemenkova, I know… but they seem to have a legit facebook page with documents and all that… i dont want to dig more on their business … :smiley:

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Hey @robertoporcar,

I am sorry for the bad experience you’ve had. Unfortunately, not all sellers meet the quality standards, but you are always on your right to request a revision and contact customer support if you have issues or concerns.

You should try to talk with the seller and ask for a refund (which seems to not be working) or contact CS, they should be able to guide you in the next steps. Plagiarism is a serious thing on the platform.

Please let me know if I can help with anything, con gusto lo ayudaremos!

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