*** Seller service


From June 10th-15th. So, the seller (above) did not deliver on time (a day late) nor did he deliver what we discussed during the initial contact. I gave a VERY specific description of what I wanted, and asked if he could deliver on my idea. H e said “yes,” and that he could do a “great job” on my design. I gave examples, along with details about the project, purpose, and medium. He blamed me when I asked for a refund and stated that I did not give enough information. Keep in mind, it was enough “information” when I first placed the order. He then gave his resume (experience) in gfx design and said “he knows when a customer give enough information.” The experience has made me regret returning to Fiverr for services. Won’t happen again. Btw, this is the second GFX designer in a week that did not deliver on their service. Some sellers just want to make a quick buck without putting in the work. I spent $93 on a lackluster design and service. Stay away from this guy.