Seller Shadiness Sucks


So I order something from one seller with a promised turn around time of 24 hours and after about 36 hours and seeing “Very Late” I cancel the order and order from another provider.

The first one was shady by not even being available to do the gig.

The 2nd one came through on time and did quality work.

So, now I order another gig from a 3rd provider promising 2 of something within 3 days.

There’s one day left and they hadn’t started yet. That’s cool, because they said 3 days.

What’s not cool is the fact that now I logged in to my order and see they changed the gig!!

When I paid, it said 2 would be delivered with a turnaround time of 3 days max.

Now, on the last day, it has been changed to say that the gig is for only 1 item and within 1 day.

What do I need to do to hold this seller accountable to deliver the 2 I paid my money for so he doesn’t try to weasel out and only provide me half of what I ordered on the last day?

Nothing gets under my skin quite like someone getting cute with my money.

Does anyone have any experience with this on here and what did you do?

I have a few plans, but I’m hoping to give the guy a chance to deliver on his promise first before executing

phase 1.

Your ideas, experiences and suggestions welcome…


Reply to @platinum: You’re welcome. Glad to hear that it all worked out.


Reply to @mrproofreading:

Thanks for saying you are glad I got the problem sorted. Yes, I’m glad this seller seems to be coming through on the gig. He’s completed half the order that was due today by today, so as long as it’s completed before the end of the day, it will be on time.

It’s not like I wanted the seller’s rating to go down from 100% to 50%, but that’s what happened to the seller I had to cancel on because he never delivered or even made contact after I purchased the gig.


Glad you got the problem sorted. Issues can and do occur amongst buyers/sellers, and most sellers are forthcoming and will happily work to make you satisfied, which has definitely happened in this case.


Reply to @bachas85:

Thank you for your helpful post. Yes, it was interesting because it changed from 2 units to 1 unit and from 3 days to 1 day as if it had been that way the whole time.

Thankfully, as you may have read in my replies to the posts above, a simple message to the seller requesting confirmation that nothing had changed between us was all it took to make sure we were still in business and on the same page.

Yes, you are 100% correct on the avg turnaround displayed to the buyer on the gigs.

It gives the buyer an idea of what to expect I think, along with whatever time the gig promises.

As both a buyer and express seller of a service, (delivers within 24 hours upon order) I want to learn from this experience and always ensure I keep communication with buyers up to date and deliver well before expected.

Thank you!


Reply to @aingham69:

Thank you for your very reasonable and well thought out reply. I had a feeling it would work out okay, but I guess I still had that aftertaste lingering from the seller who was very late and then just dipped without delivering.

Come to find out, that’s exactly what it was.

They got overwhelmed with orders and changed the gig to manage it better.

I’m glad I did send the message for confirmation because I agree that communication is key.

His reply definitely kept me from cancelling or kicking up a fuss with support or something, so any seller who is considering changing their gigs with orders still in queue would do well for themselves to follow your lead and suggestion with making it clear and visible to existing customers in writing so they know the deal.

Thanks again for your helpful suggestion. You are appreciated.


Reply to @madmoo:

Thank you for your helpful suggestion.

What’s interesting is, everything changed as if it was never 2 in the first place.

I did send a polite, but firm message requesting confirmation that there would be 2 services provided as originally agreed so that I knew whether to cancel the gig or not.

He then assured me I would still get the 2 I paid for as agreed. One has been delivered already and with his confirmation, I feel this one is, "all’s well that ends well."

I never wanted to be “the bad guy” whether buying or selling, because I’ve provided services as a seller for many years and know how it can be when the volume of orders and demand exceeds available working hours to deliver the service.

That was the one problem of being able to create irresistible offers. (Sometimes they work too well! haha)

Thank you for your reply. It was nice seeing it when I logged back in today. Makes me feel like no one is just “left hanging” here in the community.


I would suggest talking to the seller. I’ve changed my gig with orders still in. I know how worrying it can be and purposely written in that I would honour all orders as they were before the change as that is what they paid for. I’ve even put the date of the change so buyers are aware–but that’s only recently. The first time I made the change, I didn’t realise that old orders would change too so I got a few messages from buyers who had made an order to make sure I was still going to deliver what they offered.

It could be that your buyer hasn’t realised that the change would affect the details on your order.

I’ve actually found that the main gig title changes but the extras don’t! It’s a strange little system.

Communication is key so contact him politely to find out whether he is going to deliver what you expect and paid for.