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Seller sharing customers private information in public

Buyers are free to leave personal information in their feedback,but i have seen a seller leaving a customer feedback,and then revealing content from the personal psychic reading to all public.The client/customer relation is based on trust and confidentiality,like doctor/patient etc.How would you like seeing your history and your lovelife shared by a seller in a public feedback?
I reported an incident to support,and clearly the support didnt understand what i was talking about.We are talking about moral and ethic.Please take this seriously.


I sort of get what you are saying, the seller should not do this, However you cannot seriously compare medical records with someone’s psychic reading. Otherwise Penn & Teller would be doctors.

You can compare it.People may be in a vulnerable state,they are sharing extremely personal and sensitive information.They seek spiritual guidance,comfort and support.And if the so called spiritual guides cannot be there for them in,who can?We look for the wisdom in these readings,and from these readers,who claim they can shed light on your problems,contact your angels and guides,and help you find your souls purpose.
If this was any other major psychic readings site,a mistake like the one here,the psychic would have been banned instantly.
What they simply wont tolerate is a break of trust.And thank God for that.
What Fiverr choses to represent is clearly a very entertaining style.Pay 5 dollars and have some fun.Thats all.
The client in this case,has her full name and picture up,and as a response to the "thank you"to the seller,she got the resyme from her reading shared with all the public…
Fiverr chose to not take my issue seriously.
So now we all know,you can forget everything about privacy on this site.

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It depends on the context as far as what was said in the seller’s review of the buyer. and what the buyer’s review said.

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Send the seller a message!

Perhaps it was shared via the live portfolio feature? If that’s the case, the buyer had the opportunity to opt out but chose to display it.

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I dont know what live portfolio feature is…The client wrote more of less “thank you.great reading”.Yes,she should have checked back again,if the seller had written a feedback to her,and then contacted support.But who does that?I rarely dont go back to see what sellers respond to me…
I tried to see if i could send the client a message,but that was not possible.
I contacted the seller,and he simply started a discussion about techical safety,and that they used a brand new safety system,and bla bla .After 10 messages and clairification he simply didnt understand.Maybe a problem with the english.
The feedback the seller wrote to the client was really revealing,and brought up the deepest personal things in her history.I was totally schocked,and she was totally disrespected.
But it really shouldnt be about what the content or context was.This is about honor a client,and never under any circumstances reveal anything brought up in the reading.
As i writer in alternative forums over the last 20 years,my impression is that most readers have respect enough for the client to never do anything like this,and honor their own profession to take promises of confidentiality seriously.

I understand what you’re saying - in replying to the buyer’s feedback, the seller ‘gave away’ whatever the issue was for the buyer, where probably a ‘thank you very much, do come back again’ message would have been more appropriate.

You won’t be able to contact the buyer directly unless they happen to sell on here as well. If it is something inappropriate, and it sounds like you think it is, then take a screenshot of the feedback conversation and send that to CS.

If they still don’t see a problem, then there isn’t much else you can do, but you’ll have done your best.

Thank you for looking out for other users - it’s very kind of you. :sunny:

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Thanks,i did my best :slight_smile:
That seller was new here,and had only about 8 feedback.I think he wanted to brag about their ability to go deep into clairvoyance by giving an expamle.
To make an example of what the text was: Something to this degree:“we were able to discover that this client had been abused since childhood”…this is just an example,i will not repeat directly.
Fiverr support didnt seem to bother,and told me since the client had chosen to leave feedback,and therefor the seller wasnt to blame.And that she could contact support if she had a problem with this.(?)
I still am furious about this neglect of responsibility.
I hope many read this forum,so this can be known,