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Seller Should Be Able to Start the Clock on ACCEPTANCE of "Required Information"

My gig, as well as many others, requires additional information in order for us to complete the gig. In at least two cases already, I have had a buyer ask questions instead of filling out the required information, or provide incomplete data that meant I could not start the gig until further communicating with them. In both these cases, Fiverr “started the clock” as soon as the buyer hit “submit,” when in fact they had NOT provided the required information. This meant I had to get ahold of the buyer and get that information out of them AS WELL AS complete the gig in the stated time. Had the buyer been out of town or difficult to contact, this could have caused me to “miss” a deadline, even though I did not have the appropriate information to actually start the gig.

It would make more sense for the countdown to begin once the SELLER marks the “Required Information” submitted by the buyer as “accepted” rather than just assuming the buyer has provided what was required just because they put something into the text field and hit “send.”

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im in this same exact position right now… i have a buyer that started a gig in december but it was “incomplete” now he submitted his order day before yesterday and still no required info for me to get started on his project WTF??? :-w

Exactly. I agree, and would like to see Fiverr staff participating in the topics up here.

PS. I was also thinking people should Pay $1 if they want to contact me as a seller, because my answers are strictly work related, relevant content and I often feel like a information machine rather than a designer O_O

My gigs do not need much information but STILL I have 9999999 questions before clients even read the gig description, not to mention they could watch previews to see exactly what they get :stuck_out_tongue: But they don’t ! sometimes the time gets running and since I work on a 1-day delivery schedule it gets rough sometimes!

Totally agree!! Is there any Fiverr team who read this?

That would be awesome.

I got an order 2 days ago and the buyer said I will send the info asap. She never did so I can to cancel the order one hour before the due date.

Great idea! I totally agree with you @artyemarie!

Ditto, I’ve had the same issue. One client didn’t send me anything at all but still placed an order and asked me a question. I’m all for communicating, but please, do it before you start my timer.

I could not agree more with this. Like yourself, my gigs require data from the buyers that I cannot get started without. It would be extremely helpful to have an “Accept” button (or some equivalent) just like the buyers have to accept our delivery before it becomes final.

I 100% agree. I have people purchasing and not providing the required information and I also have people ordering only $5 worth of gigs and then sending $50 worth of work. I can’t/won’t start work unless the order is correct but if the buyer is hard to reach then I get caught between a rock and a hard place.

Even if the clock starts automatically there should be a what to stop it if I haven’t received the info or the order quantity is incorrect.

Great suggestion. I really hope it gets implemented soon!

I completely agree. This has happened to me about 5 or 6 times in the past. They either ask a question or don’t completely fill out what information is required, and it starts the clock. I have to ask them again for the information needed to start, and half the time it can be a full one or two days before they respond, putting me way behind schedule.

I’ve had to change the estimated delivery date on my gigs to try to adapt to this, but my orders are decreasing as a result. I understand that buyers are the priority, but sellers need to be treated fairly, too. Without us, this website couldn’t exist!

A variation on this, for custom offers, is to be able to set the start date of the gig. Most of the time, I’m already working on a job and I’m happy to secure the next one, but I might not work on it before a couple of days. Setting the start date would be of great help… as auto synching to my calendar… just saying!