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Seller Should Get Notifications of New Buyer Requests

Been using the Fiverr app for a while and so far it’s been great. I want to suggest that Fiverr should make it possible for those using the app to get instant notification immediately a new request is posted in Buyer Request section. This will make it possible for sellers to respond faster to requests. Having to navigate to that section and refresh to check for new requests seems inefficient. Thanks.


I was hoping to find a solution for this very thing. I try to refresh frequently. It does seem inefficient. Many times I’ll refresh the page and there are already offers submitted for a new request. I usually do one last check before I go to bed. When I check again first thing in the morning, I again see a number of offers submitted already. I guess it’s a time zone thing? Has anyone been able to find a way to get automatic alerts?

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This is so true we badly need it not just on our phones but also for the desktop versions. This is the key element to getting Buyers’ attention faster. I mean c’mon these days whatever site you go on they all try to offer some sort of notification messages but unfortunately such a thing has not been taken care of on Fiverr.
I use desktop for fiverr and even for a new message or notification all I get is a BOP sound I mean cmon

You can install extension for auto refresh of the buyer request page. You can find it on Chrome by name “Auto Refresh Plus”. By this, you don’t need to refresh the page again and again.