Seller should have option to accept order earlier(At the beginning)


fiverr is a great platform no doubt and I love fiverr. It change my life. But it has a number of flaws which make life quite challenging for us good folk.

I got an angry customer on fiverr. Some miscommunication make her angry to me. Then she keep ordering me from some separate fiverr account and then she cancelled all the orders. She even didn’t put any requirements and didn’t tell me what to do. I have to accept the cancellation dispute and she start giving me big big bad reviews.
Immediately my “order completed percentage” and “positive rating percentage” start falling.

I really don’t know what to do.
If there was option to accept order from seller end, I may stop taking orders from her. :frowning:

Now I get less order for the bad reviews and bad percentage. :frowning:
please help me.

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I think you meant the option to either reject or accept an order, because right now you can only accept orders, but you cannot reject them. And if you search on the forum, this has been a feature suggested by many others, but it’s remained just a suggestion for years now :frowning:

Being able to reject an order would solve so many problems that a seller must face with, especially when dealing with problem buyers - I say it again: so many problems would be solved! But that could also introduce problems for Fiverr, who would lose more money from rejected orders (although it can still lose from cancellations)


I agree with you,mostly because buyers don’t read.I am 3D Modeler and there is a note with bold letters saying my models are not for 3D Printing and most of them just order requesting model for 3D Printing and I have to cancel lose rep etc.


Ha ha…
Exactly. You are right. I also faced that same.
There were also written “Please message me before order”


You are right.
A lots of problem. Sometimes I may busy with other 10-15 orders at that time buyer is keep sending orders.


I also used to write “Please READ before you buy” or “Please Contact me BEFORE buying”.

Do you know what that did? Nothing. Buyers were not reading, buyers wouldn’t contact me, because most buyers don’t read the description. More so, did you know that some buyers don’t even read the gig title? Now that is even more concerning!

So what did I do? I removed that line from the description, because it was ignored, and it was cluttering my beautiful descriptions :slight_smile:


OMG… I also use "“Please message me before order”"
So How they order if they don’t read GIG Title?
Thy just see how much you complete orders and what are the reviews. Right?


How do they order if they don’t read the gig title? Simple: they look at the image, they like the image, then they buy. I guess they also look at a product’s color instead of its label when they shop at the grocery store :unamused:

I had a buyer who purchased my gig, demanded something else, I told him what my gig title said I offer, and he said “my bad, I didn’t read the title” #what_the


You actually get a lots of buyer as you completed huge numbers of orders. Thats why you got variety of buyer. Really I am very happy to know your experience :slight_smile:
Thank You.


Well, thank you, although I recently started doubting my own sanity :neutral_face:


Ha Ha.
You also like kidding :slight_smile:


I went through the same problem. Buyers will place order without discussing me especially when I am already busy with more orders :frowning:

I have also used the quote “please msg me before you place the order” but it never worked :frowning:

As a seller, I really need to have an option to accept order from buyer.


I’m not sure variety of buyers is such a good idea.

It’s better to have the non variety, boring, read gig description, fill out requirement right away, respond quickly, etc, etc, put you to sleep type! :grin:


If she has more than one account it’s against the TOS. Report her to CS.

The option for accepting an order is needed indeed and countless times discussed on the forum.


I would love to see this idea implemented. So many buyers don’t bother to read gig descriptions in their entirety and place orders with inaccurate preconceptions. I also ask buyers to message me before ordering. Many do, but just as many don’t. It can be frustrating.


same here.
fiverr should be concern about that


I writed once in this thread but yesterday for example,some dude ordered and he doesn’t even speak english,he said something on spanish and I had to cancel so yea.


exactly same i also faced.


Actually buyer don’t even read the description.
They just see the image and see how much review you have and start placing order.
Really unfortunate :frowning: