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Seller sold me a "stolen" logo design (2018)


Hi everyone my name is Lempa i’m from the Netherlands,

I just want to share something that happend to me 2 days ago,

I bought a logo design from a 4.8 star seller. The next day i found exactly the same design on i’d like to warn all buyers that you can’t always trust good rated sellers. And if you bought a logo design use google to check if your design is unique.

I have contacted the support team they gave me my money back and they gave me the option to rate the seller again.

I’d prefer to expose the seller in this forum but i don’t know if i’m allowed to do so.




Sorry to hear about your poor experience.

No, publicly shaming sellers in the forum is not allowed.

So CS gave you a refund AND you got to change your review?


Oke thank you yes they did.


I am curious, would you mind letting us know how much you paid for the logo?


Very few buyers read the forum and exposing 1 seller won’t help much.
Instead you can tell us based on what you picked that seller so that we can avoid similar mistakes.

Here’s what I usually do when I choose a logo designer

  • First I will check seller’s portfolio layout, pricing, description etc. If I like what I see, then I start with the background check :slight_smile:
  • I pick 3-4 logos from seller’s portfolio and do a reverse image check (Chrome has a plugin for it if you need to do it often)
  • Then I will also do a partial check to see if they have copied someone else’s gig description. My logic is that if they are willing to steal a description then there’s a good chance they have also stolen logos. I pick 2-3 unique sentences from the description and do a search in Google.
  • Then I also check the reviews. I mostly check the negative reviews to see how the seller has responded to those. I want a seller who can explain what was the root cause of the low rating and remain professional in their response.
  • Sometimes I also do a username search in Google. Logo designers usually post their work on multiple platforms using the same username. If I can find a genuine portfolio from the same seller then that’s a plus.
  • Last but not least, if everything checks out then I also send them a message with my requirements. Why? I know that even a single cancellation for a seller can lead to demotion so I always ask if they wish to do the job or not. Secondly, it helps me evaluate their communication skills.


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Really, a bad things happened to you. you can tell the seller to provide you an unique logo otherwise you will report on fiverr customer support.

Have a good day!


I paid $25 for the logo


Thanks for the info my english is poor so my reply’s will be short but i understand everything you say.

And all the reviews where good there where many orders in queue that’s why i choose to buy from this seller.


May I ask what you expect for a $25 logo design?


This was not my first logo for $25 so the price is not the problem but the person.