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Seller Start Up Basics [ARCHIVED]


Seller Start Up Basics

Consider your first Fiverr gig as your “Fiverr Education”.

Use it to LEARN HOW;

  • the Fiverr system works
  • to deliver successfully
  • to handle negative feedback
  • to tweak your service to market demands

    Decide what will be your FIRST GIG.

    It should be something that you;
  • know a lot about
  • can talk about intelligently and enthusiastically
  • are good at (having a track record helps)
  • never tire of doing
  • can do anytime

    Understand that Fiverr is a really just a Parking Space for your gig.

    On Fiverr you are an Independent Business Owner. You are essentially on your own. Most folks jump in blind, over their head with little or no Advertising, Sales, Marketing, Promotions, Product Development or Business experience. It’s a lot hats to wear, and the Learning Curve is steep.

    Know where and how to find Buyers (and drive them to your gig).

    Most of your Buyers are not on Fiverr. Relying on Fiverr to bring you Buyers is like a fisherman relying on rain to bring fish. You have to go where the Buyers are; Blogs, Forums, Social Media, your hometown, your church, your school. You must let people know what you do and where to buy your products and services.

    Know how to convert people into Buyers.
  • learn and use good Grammar and basic Communication skills
  • learn how to effectively express the Value of your service
  • learn the art of Copy Writing and Story Telling

Hello, I am new here. Need your help

Great!! Thank you


Also I would like to add don’t be afraid to contact support. One of my gigs wasn’t showing up in searches. As if it didn’t exist. But support finally got it fixed for me and now I am getting orders.

kjblynx said: As always, I love your posts. We both know our helpful discussions are rarely looked at and (due to the horrible search function) are lost quickly in the masses. It sucks.

I hear ya... :)

Just the other day I got a note from a new Seller, praising and thanking me for taking the time to post in the manner that I (and you and a few others do), and now I see that person on the forum making positive contributions and when I check their new gig it's actually getting sales. So once in awhile some of what we say gets thru and sticks.

We're in a whirling mass of newbies who seem to think that you can just throw up a bunch of ill conceived, poorly planned gigs and without managing the gigs, some how Buyers will drop out of the sky. Some days the forum is really just a comedy. :)


Thank you for the advice! Thus far I have relied only on Fiverr traffic, but am now seeking out new avenues too reach buyers.





I’ve only just begun my Fiverr journey a day ago and I’ve had two orders!

Thanks for the easy to follow start up basics!



Enjoy your journey!


Great post!


Great post, as always!

Please allow me to add something, when creating a gig, look around other people’s gigs.

It’s OK to get inspired and get ideas, but DO NOT COPY other people’s gigs!

Make your gig unique!

…Hopefully I won’t have to explain what “copy” means in this case…


These are very good tips. I would also like to suggest that if you are in need of selling your GIGS at an even faster rate - try fragglesrock and learn how to grow your sales quicker.

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Again, allow me to add another thing to this list.

DO NOT SPAM if you want buyers.



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Aiming for a little bit of forum redemption here. Alright team, I will add something to the list, here it is:

how about saying more to the customer than things like:

  • great
  • thumbs up
  • great buyer
  • good
  • excellent

    and make it more personal, thus showing the buyer that you’re not only a seller but also a friend.

technoward74 said: how about saying more to the customer than things like:

- great
- thumbs up
- great buyer
- good
- excellent

Yes! Always!! Show your personal gratitude and respect.


What zeus said about inspiring from other gigs. However, some of the sellers here are so full of themselves. I got one seller message me asking about my gigs performance and reports which was only to make her own gig better. I felt really bad to have such fellow seller around. I don’t mind competition, but going low like this is a bit off putting IMO.


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