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Seller started leaving reviews on ACTIVE ORDERS

Hi, guys, I experienced two sellers leaving reviews on ACTIVE orders today. I can’t reply to the review, nor I can do anything about it. I am extremely confused. I contacted customer support but as I saw they marked my ticket as solved without a response. I made two tickets, one was for one order and the second one was a follow up.

I am like very confused. Are you experiencing this?

Seller can’t leave review without order completion. Are the orders were marked as completed?

You may late in delivering orders so that’s why after canceling the orders by buyers the system automatically leave review as one star.

Hi, that is the thing. The order is not late, it is in the middle of modification process and it says “Seller asked for a modification”, so the order is active and buyer asked for a modification and then somehow was able to leave a review. I think the terrible bug is happening.

I am not new to Fiverr and I know that this is not normal.

Yes of course that’s bug… I would suggest you to contact Customer Support soon.

Good Luck! :+1:

I did, twice (I had two orders with the same issue). One was marked as solved without any response. I will wait, thanks.


It happened something similar too me as well, but instead of leaving a review, when the buyer hit the request modifications button it showed me that he rated it then after I finished with the order the buyer told me that he tried multiple times to rate me, but he couldn’t. It’s weird, it was not the first time happening.