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Seller states Delivered but there is nothing in Delivery?

I ordered a job from a gig who stated need only one day to deliver.
However he requested for extension for anothe one more day. I accepted.
By the end o second day, his message me the order deivered.
But I just didnt see any file or video attached?
Am i missing anything?
I texted him immediately after he posts the delivered message but he just away and not reply.
I wonder what happen???
Anyone please help. *****************

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There must be some kind of file because if you hit the Delivery button and you don’t attach any files, it won’t let you deliver, so if the order is marked “Delivered” it must have some attached file. If it’s a bug you should contact CS, but you may try these steps first:

  1. log off and back on to your account
  2. clean cache and cookies and then log in again
  3. open Fiverr from Anonymous Tab and log in

See if through any of these steps you see the delivered file. If not, I would wait for the reply from the seller, they might send the file through your Inbox.


Sometimes fiverr has a bug where delivery files disappear. It might be one of those. Ask for a revision and say that you can’t see the file and ask him to redeliver it


I have done according to your advise. I even login with different devices.
Cant see any file though

In fact I already replied seller I cant see any file attached. But he just away and not answer my messages

Just in case: if you just reply and your seller wouldn’t notice it your order will be marked as complete in 3 days.
If you request a revision order will stay open until seller will redeliver it


Thank you Maria. But how to do it?
Am I to click the ‘No’ button?

Exactly :wink:

Pressing “yes” will accept delivery
Pressing “no” will request a revision


Regarding the order will a marked as completed in 3 days…Is it 3 days from the delivery date or from the order date??

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If say come to the worst case. The seller dont even reply by a day or two, and my choice is to press the “No” accept button to ask for revision. That is one way.
By doing this, the bad is I will have to wait further time for my job to be done.
I need my video as soon as possible. I cant spend days /weeks to wait for the same seller.
What shall I do then?
Can I ask or refund and go look for another seller?

The seller not kin to reply me even i noticed that his status is ‘onine’
If I choose to terminate/cancel the order, how shall I do that?

If you want to terminate it you can use the “resolution center” options at the top of the page and request to cancel the order. If the seller agrees (or it might do it if there’s no response after x days), your order will be terminated.

Also check what it says after you request cancellation. I’m not sure if it might still complete after 3 days if it’s in delivered mode (or if it will automatically cancel if thee’s no response). If it’s in revision mode it won’t automatically complete.

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The seller just replies me. He told me he try to identify why he can’t attach the file (huh! he is not a new seller though!)
He said he will send me asap. But I insist a time frame. He finally told me withinn 2 hours.
I wil see fi he really make his promise.
Is truly a bad experience for me as my first time using Fiverr! :sleepy: :sleepy: :sleepy: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved: :disappointed_relieved:

Sometimes Fiverr has had attachment problems. I don’t think that’s the case today or there’d likely be others posting about it. If there’s an issue with attaching though the seller could give a link to the file on dropbox or somewhere.

Maybe it’s a very big file and so there’s issues with it attaching or it takes a long time to upload. Dropbox might be better for very big files.


This may be one of two cases:

1 - The seller delivered the order intentionally blank to buy some time. This is against terms of service, and he’ll get a strike.

2 - There was a bug in the submission form. This should never happen, but apparently sometimes it does.

Wait the two hours, if you get nothing escalate to Customer Support.


Good idea to ask him to attach using dropbox or elsewhere. Thanks!!

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You can deliver without a file as sometimes my gig doesn’t need anything to be delivered as such. It just comes up with a warning telling me I haven’t attached anything.

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Sometimes Fiverr is buggy and deliveries just don’t go through. The seller attaches the delivery, clicks on “Deliver Now”, and then it turns out that the file didn’t go through. It could happen to anyone, new seller or old.

If there’s a bug preventing file attachment, the seller can’t possibly know when it’s going to be resolved. Dropbox, as @uk1000 suggested, could be a good solution, especially with big files.


Sorry, but that’s not true. As a seller, you can ‘deliver’ a blank delivery. The option is useful for example, if you’ve worked on a Google Docs document, or you’ve uploaded a 10Gb video file via WeTransfer, etc

The system is of course open to abuse. However, in the event of a complaint, CS would soon spot that there was no delivery made.