Seller stealing my pictures


Someone names @jennavalan stole my pictures and description, then posted it as her own gig claiming she “drew” them and will draw for others. How do I report her? Thank you.

This is really bugging me that someone would do this. Please help.


Report it to customer service. Ask them to look at his/her other gigs as well. I just looked briefly, but see the “Cute INDIAN Male Characters” also appears to be a stolen picture and description.

p.s. The avatar they have is of a model, Kathy Ferreiro.


That is insane. You should start a gig that’s called “I will spot a fake fiverr for five dollars on fiverr.” Then as an extra you can tell people whether or not they, themselves, are real or just caught in the matrix. Best of luck.


Yes, it’s copyright. Make sure to show Customer Service the same things you displayed here and the link to both their and your gig. I would also state they’re using a photo of a model that is not them. It’s not allowed.

Here’s how to submit a ticket:


OMG, yet another thief on Fiverr, and look, the fake seller didn’t even bother

removing viatammy’s signature from the image. So wrong…

report this guy right away!!!


That’s terrible. I have had newbies copy my gigs as well but I write.

The person who stole your pictures will still need to produce the same quality as yours.


You should think about watermarking your pictures. It’s not too hard to do and I don’t think most Fiverr sellers will spend the time and effort to try and remove the watermark. It’d probably be a good deterrent at the very least.


Reply to @directwritingco: Thanks for the advice.


I’d be tempted to order a gig just to see what the hell they do. Then cancel it :smiley: Do they expect that people are going to be fooled by their work that’s pretending to be yours? They’ll get declined deliveries for sure. I don’t see how they get to make any money out of this sort of thievery at all.


it mostly happens.


I have so far detected two gigs selling illegal copies of my eBook. Both even used my website sales page, that has my copyright clearly shown.

So far I have had one taken down, and now I have to go through the red tape process again.

There are other sites where pirated copies are sold and I have had nearly a full time job lodging MCPAs. In almost every case, the vendor claims to have bought my book with rights to the copyright.

Is this just ignorance or stupidity, or is it just an excuse to try to escape having their accounts cancelled? The law is very simple: A person can’t pass on title that they do not own. That means that the only person who can sell copyright to my property is me, and I never do. The copyright claim appearing on my eBook is a legal claim and should be sufficient for any decent, honest, and moderately intelligent person to know that they are buying the book, but not the right to sell it to others.

If you steal a car and try to sell it, any mug who pays good money for it will lose the car and the money once the police do a license check. Same principle.


It looks like the copycat gig has been removed from what I can tell. I hate when people take what isn’t theirs, but if it’s any consolation, I’m guessing that if the seller can’t even offer an original product or service, they won’t see much success here on Fiverr.