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Seller stopped responding but I love the work in progress updates

I purchased a character design gig last Jan 26th (with 7 days delivery) after a seller responded to my gig request. Communication was great at first and we’ve pinned down what I wanted by Jan 29th enough for her to start. I didn’t “submit the requirements” via the Order system then but we have back and forth comms and updates through the inbox.

Jan 30, she apologized for the delays as she felt sick, and by Feb 3, she delivered the first sketch, which I completely understand. By Feb 5 we’ve finalized details and colors to used and it’s up for full rendering. On Feb 7 I asked when I can expect final output, and she didn’t answer, rather told me she’ll send me a cleaned up lineart. I asked again on Feb 8 if she can give me a timeline but didn’t get a reply.

And it’s Feb 12 now (5 days later), and she has not updated me with anything nor responded to any of my messages. Now I’m thinking-God forbid- something might have happened to her.

Yesterday was the only time I clicked the “submit the requirements” (though empty, since we’ve talked on inbox already) just to get it off the Incomplete list from my list of orders, so that’s kind of a good thing but also isn’t at the same time.

I really don’t want to cancel the order since I love her work and that would also be unfair to her since she already exerted efforts, but I’m not sure if there’s another way she can be reached? Any tips? Gig is not very urgent but not sure how long I can wait. I do want to use her work but that would also be unfair if the order is cancelled. Thank you!


If you did not submit the requirements and the order was still listed as “Incomplete,” I can understand why the seller hasn’t sent you the work or communicated. They did not have an official order from you yet and no promise of payment.

Of course, the seller could be quite ill, busy, or a flake. There’s no way of knowing that. I would never work without an official Fiverr order, however. In fact, I believe that’s against TOS.

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I don’t think there’s excuse on sudden unresponsiveness (6th day now) unless there’s an emergency though. But I understand what you mean… might be worth waiting some more until the official delivery date has passed before deciding what to do next. I’m just sad because I really love the work we have so far so it would be a bummer to commish someone else when everything was going well prior

according to the order page, when was she last online?

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Are their profile and gigs still active?
Are they not out of office?

It might be beneficial to send a message on the order page.

If they haven’t been online since so long, chances are higher their health has declined further. Though, you’ve said it yourself that you’re in no hurry or whatsoever. It’s up to you to wait or cancel the order.

If you want to cancel, do not wait until the clock runs out. Contact customer support already.

3 days ago as of this message (note: 8 days now since last reply). So either she left her fiverr online or something else…

Wouldn’t that be unfair to her considering work has started already (albeit only via Inbox and not the Order page) if I decide to cancel, regardless if it’s within order duration or when it runs out?

They were online 3 days ago, means, they could have at least replied to you. You can raise a dispute or request in the order chat. They will have to reply that…in 48 hrs or whatever time 5r allows. The rest is up to you to decide.

Best wishes.