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Seller submitted a file with the Template Key still on it... what do I do now?


I ordered a business card template that should be print ready. When I went to order my business cards they said that the template key is still on it and it needs to be removed. If it is not removed it will print on top of my card. I have contacted the seller and there has been no reply. I paid extra for the gig, $15. What can I do about this?


Are you sure that you completed the order? Sometimes a buyer takes the presentation version of a delivered piece of art, which still has a watermark in it, run off with it and cancel the order, only to find out later they didn’t take the “final” version.

That is why people send watermarked versions first - did you hit “complete” on the order and such, so that you’d get the final version? It might be easy to miss/forget.


How long has it been since you have heard from the seller?

If it hasn’t been long, they may be in another part of the world to you and sleeping.

If it’s been a while, perhaps it is time to get in touch with customer support.

It could however be an honest mistake.