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Seller submitted a new offer after I already bought the gig?

I just bought a gig. I’ve used Fiverr many times before usually using top sellers or level 2. However, I thought I would give a new seller a chance. Bought the basic gig which included everything I needed.

Now seller just submitted a so-called custom offer which is 3 times the price of the basic gig. The new gig doesn’t include anything new from the basic gig.

I asked seller why I needed to buy a custom offer when the basic gig includes what I need. Seller has now gone radio silent.

In addition, the seller is supposed to be located in the US but judging from the spelling mistakes in our chat, I don’t believe this to be true. Also the local time is indicated as Fri 00:35 now which is definitely not an US time zone.

I don’t have any trust in this seller anymore. Can I cancel the gig? Do I report this to Fiverr?

TIA :slight_smile:


you should check service of him what he is presented to you.

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If the work has not been performed yet you could try and cancel via the resolution center.

Perhaps he tried to sell you additional services? You can always decline the 2nd custom offer.


If the seller has not justified their request for additional money then I suggest you do both - contact customer support and ask them to cancel the order as you do not want to work with someone who has attempted this.