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Seller submitting fake buyer request

Why a Seller submitting a fake buyer request !?


Could you please explain what do mean by “fake buyer requests”?


Some seller submits buyer request only, they never gonna place any order through it. Most of them are entry level. Several time i observed and i talk with 3/4 of them. They are not able to give any satisfying answer. One of them was “I want to get a professional brochure design for my firm”. whereas he/she is a entry level seller only.
I don’t know! is there any reason behind this or not !!

I am a seller and I submitted a buyer request some time ago. I did that because I wanted to see how it worked on the buyer’s side, what he saw, the different offers of sellers for that kind of request… I came to the conclusion that only few sellers really read the request and 90% of them just use copy-paste.

I have also encountered other sellers who use buyer requests to outsearch their work.


hmmm! got a point :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s the point in this? I mean why would they bother doing something with no outcome!
May be he wanna know how to answer a Buyer request or how other responds to a buyer requests!
I haven’t seen or noticed anything like that, but just assuming from your post!

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I have looked at a few BRs.

For the amount of work requested, and the insulting amount they are willing to pay, I have come to the conclusion that BRs are (mostly) there for freelancers desperate for work at any pay.

It’s sad.

Yes, there are some decent BRs, but very few.


@shusmoyb4u I replied @ mjaninea 's .
Actually wanted to know those reasons behind this type of activity. And just got a reason from her reply.

Currently, I have at least two regular buyers that I found through BRs 3 years ago. That being said, it seems that BRs were of a higher level then.

Rarely have I make an offer within the buyer’s budget. Neither do I offer them discounts. I charge my regular rates, and they either want to do business with me, or they do not.

I have seen BR take a terrible dive in quality in the last 6 months alone.

Most are resellers trying to find a sucker to do the job they purchased for stupid money and have no ability to give a clear Brief, let alone pay anything.

I also see a few where they are using BR to run adverts for themselves. Totally pointless. The same at the other places I frequent.


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Thanks for the reference.

I’ve only “peeked” at BRs off and on over the past month since everyone on the Fiverr Forum seems to rave about what is being offered.

I don’t doubt they were better at one time because what I’ve seen are simply insulting.

Glad to know someone I respect here has had some good, steady work come out of the BR pile!

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The short time I’ve “peeked” at BRs I’ve seen nothing of real value.

I mean, I don’t think I’m special, but I’m not working for 10% of what I would normally charge for the same job…lol

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The vast amount of people joining Fiverr probably changed how BR works… 90% of BR users are probably somewhat experienced Fiverr users. It’s not the obvious thing that one will notice if they want to find a freelancer, the most common thing to do is to search away.

‘Need a trading bot that will provide 100% return within 2 weeks’ - Budget $20

Legit seen that this week and many others similar and thought honestly makes me doubt BR will ever have something good pop up at a normal price

Ill stick to hoping people just come across my Gig’s :rofl:

Fake buyer request means that if a seller is posting a request to increase his response time. As many sellers are exited and find their profile and message them personally and the fake requested seller just responce to one by one and telling them that soemone else has taken the work.

Hope you understand it.


I had no idea that was a thing, especially since both are considered spam (sellers obviously can’t post in BR unless they are actually curious / plan to buy) and new or not, messaging buyers / sellers is forbidden. It just doesn’t make sense to me (but I don’t doubt it’s happening since BR seems to have quite a few figures pop up basically daily.)
That being said the sellers COULD he outsourcing their work (which is technically legal just a bit too risky for my personal liking) but that’s hard to prove I guess.

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The above is against TOS, and those sellers that do that are in danger of getting warnings or even losing their accounts if they contact ‘real’ buyers through their inbox. No wonder so many newbie sellers are confused and get in trouble for contacting buyers with these ‘fake’ buyer requests. :woman_facepalming:t2:

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