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Seller Support Bug?


Good day everyone,

I have been trying to contact Fiverr’s support using this link ( for the last 4 days, unfortunately, every time I try to submit the request it says “Delivery failed, Please try again”.

I have sent a direct email to the known support team’s address three days ago, but I got no replies yet.

Any suggestions on what should I do to fix this or are there any other ways to submit a support request?

Thanks in advance guys.


I don’t know of a fix but just wanted to let you know that I’m having the same issue. Is anyone able to contact Fiverr support at the moment?


Same here, delivery failed


keep waiting , I think they fix that bug soon


Same here. Is there any workaround?


After waiting for a few days, I have sent another direct email and they have responded quickly.
So, for some reason, they did not get my first email.

Regarding the support ticket utility on the website (, it still does not work and if anyone that works with the development team and can fix it or know how to contact them should do so.

Good luck everyone.


This is frustrating! It has now been 11 days since you initially posted this Bug message and it hasn’t been fixed yet.

I tried posting a ticked yesterday and today to Fiverr CS help center and got the same “Delivery failed, Please try again” message. I have tried sending the message through 3 browsers with the same results.

We’re supposed to respond to buyers within 24 hours to confirm that we received their order, but I can’t send my message to my buyer either. I’m not sure, but… I think CS has pulled my confirmation buyer message for further review before sending it on to the buyer. But my buyer hasn’t received the message yet. If I can’t get a ticket into Fiverr to report this issue, I’m stuck. I’ll probably be sucked into Fiverr’s response rate demotion even when it’s Fiverr’s fault.

I have sent a direct email message to I guess we’ll see if I get a response from them this way. Keeping my fingers crossed.


If you added the order id, remove # mark. e.g. FO123456ABCD, wrong order id #FO123456ABCD. That might be the reason why your subbmit request is failed.


I think you should inform the person you last contacted and he responded quickly about this situation.


This happen last year, I bet OP already solved this


No, they actually didn’t fix that still.

I tried to submit few tickets over the last 2 months and it never worked. So I end up emailing them.