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Seller Support for Crazy Clients

I have a nightmare customer… I completed the work for my client…went above and beyond actually. He was thrilled with the work but the relationship was contentious and draining as he loved to argue, change scope and belittle in his messaging…a day or two before the end of the contract, he asked me several times to continue for another month. When I declined, he started acting outrageously…putting the gig in revision when there was no work left to do, making up “expectations” that were never discussed in the gig or our comments, truly mean and petty, and today, he put in to cancel the order which I declined.

I haven’t received the decision from FIVERR yet but I did send a message (prior to his cancellation attempt) in an effort to get support…I can’t wait to block him as soon as this is resolved one way or the other. It’s $850 (before fiverr’s cut) and I earned every penny of it.

Up until now, I’ve had zero issues with buyers and my rating is 5…any insight into what the process is or how FIVERR will land on this? I will be devastated if they allow this abusive creep to not pay.


Horrible experience for you. Unfortunately some buyers prey on sellers and hope to get free work.

You really need to read the terms of service so that you can avoid this situation in future.

Don’t get upset with them. Terms of service don’t allow gigs that last more than 30 days. Nor do they allow abuse of either you or the revision button. You can offer as many revisions as you like, or none. If you offer none, you should put that in your FAQ and as part of your buyer requirements - make them agree to additional charges for revisons.

And, finally: If you’ve delivered what was ordered, they’re not allowed to cancel.

Read the terms of service and quote them verbatim. Stand your ground. If CS cancel, then argue it out with them and you may be compensated.

Read the terms of service.


Thanks so much for the support and advice! I will definitely read the terms of service and prepare myself should this happen again. I intend to stand my ground. I’m so glad everything in FIVERR is tracked…all of our conversations, the details of the order and the deliverables I sent to him more than once. Sigh… so glad this is a virtual environment, I can’t imagine having to deal with this guy in person.

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Lol! In real life he’s probably nice as pie … or a coward. That’s often how it goes.

We’re all rooting for you here.


It’s a shame when these difficult and awkward situations arise, but it helps to just throw your mouse up and say “that’s business!”

But on a more serious note, buyers can’t cancel just because, the reality is that they have to pay if you fulfilled your gig’s requirements as advertised, even if they don’t like the “quality” of it. Stand by your work and stick to the guns of Terms of Service and you will do fantastic.

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I feel for you. i had a very bad experience with a buyer this month. I was accused of all sorts, including racism, transphobia and scamming.

I went way above and beyond what I should have and was treated like dirt, and she even wrote to me telling me she was going to kill herself because of “me and people like me”.

it was awful, I reported her and sent the entire chat history to fiver, and unfortunately they let her cancel the gig, and my figures suffered for it.

but onward and upward


OMG I’m so sorry for your experience! Truly horrible… I’m also extremely disappointed to hear that they let her cancel allowing her to get your work for free…not to mention the stress you endured…

I’m glad we have this area to share our challenges and support each other. I hope YOU are ok and wish you many more great clients!!!


Thanks, I will. As a matter of fact, I will copy and paste it to the customer service person who keeps telling me “we can’t force them to accept delivery” utter horseshit…

Thanks! I’m leaning towards, in real life a sociopath…