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Seller taking a long time over revisions

Hi Guys,

I’ve been working with a seller for a while now, and previously it has been a good experience but gradually she has become more and more difficult to work with, making mistakes and blaming my instructions, the main issue is revisions.
My most recent order was just for her to make minor alterations to three logos she had already done for me. She has clearly got them wrong again so I requested revisions on the 3 September, I literally don’t know how I could make the instructions simpler, I included an example logo and said “make them the same as that” and yet she still didn’t manage it, well it’s the 20 September now and she has stopped communicating with me, I don’t understand why there is unlimited time for a seller to do revisions?

I don’t want to cancel as she knows what I want, well used to, it seems like it would be more hassle to start a fresh with a new seller, but maybe it wouldn’t… I feel she is being terribly unfair, I have offered her more money to finish the logos (my choice she didn’t request it, just desperate to get it done now, it’s been six weeks since the project started), but she’s still not communicating… What should I do?


I don’t know the full story nor do I want to pin this on you, but in my main gig it’s stated in my FAQ that I don’t re-create or copy work, and yet I’ve had a few experiences where buyers insist I copy note for note from their references. I’ve also had work where a buyer assumed our definitions were the exact same on topics that were broad, which lead to them receiving a product they hadn’t envisioned.

With that being said I don’t think that excuses a lack of communication, it seems you’ve done what you can and you should contact customer support.


Sorry to hear, that the seller, who knows exactly what you need, behaves so unusual. If she dissapeared, probably something happened and she can’t finish this work - if you can wait, just wait, but if not - the only way is to cancel this order and find a new seller to finish this work.

Some people, when they get some experience, they start to act rude, as if they believe they are the best, and you have no choice - you will contact them anyway. I new only one seller like this, but this is crazy - we should be friendly, polite, respect each other and other people’s time

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Hi thanks for commenting! No my work is all original, it just needed some lines altering so that’s not the reason, I don’t understand why there is no time limit to revisions to prevent this?

Hi thanks for commenting, I’m polite in all my communications but being ignored makes me not want to be polite, but she is in a position of power as I need her to finish the work, like I said before, why is there no time limit for revisions, I’ve been waiting 18 days…?

Would customer support give me any other options apart from cancelling?

Hi @swiss2008,

I’m sorry you’re having to go through this. I would suggest messaging your seller asking her what’s going on and the reason why your revision hasn’t been delivered, making it crystal clear that if you don’t hear from her, you’ll be cancelling the order and contacting support in the event she refuses to cancel.

Sadly, and unless you get this issue sorted with your seller, the only option for you is to cancel and move on.

Here’s the link to get in touch with support in case your seller is unresponsive and/or refuses to cancel. You just need to click it and it will take you to their page. Fiverr Customer Support


What kind of minor revisions, and are they in-line with with the type of work that seller already does?
If the changes are something the seller can’t do, and they’re not sure how to tell you that, or trying to figure out how to, or a million other reasons.

There was another thread a bit ago where the seller wasn’t well picked, but the buyer didn’t really know how to pick a seller out. It’s not quite the same, but the thread is still an interesting read.
. What do I do if the product I receive is just not as good as portfolio?


Hi thank you for your reply, I don’t like to send too many messages for fear of annoying the seller or looking crazy, but this is very stressful! It looks like customer support may be the only option…

No the seller has already made a logo with this detail in, I need her to add exactly the same detail to three others, totally within her capabilities, if I knew anything about design I reckon I could do it in 5 mins but I don’t, maybe I should learn…

I will have a read thank you for the tip!