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Seller taking longer than their estimated delivery

Hello. I’m relatively new here and wanted to share a situation im in and can use feedback. About 2 weeks ago I paid for a writing order and while the gig was listed as “7 days” its been over 2 weeks or just about since it was marked “complete”. Now, I got an email from fiverr telling me if I dont review the order by a certain time (the seller marked it as Delivered but didnt actually send the document. Instead told me they were still working on it at the time) that it would be marked as complete, which it was. In talking to the seller on why it took long they did apologize and explain they had a lot of proofreading to do etc. To this day I still havent received my order in full. So far I was given a rough draft of the first chapter but nothing beyond that and im increasingly worried. Im new so I dont know the ins and outs of the rules or what sellers might do to work around them… So maybe some advice on what I can do or what I need to tell the seller? It shouldn’t be me at fault that I didnt get the order in a timely manner if at all. Im scared it might be too late to contact fiverr about this either.


Advise on what you should do in case like this in future :wink: you should request a revision through the system.

Secondly it’s a violation to deliver empty delivery.
Emergencies does happen but being late for week or two it’s pushing it too far.

On your place I would’ve contact fiverr support right away (it will take them a couple of days to reply nowadays) telling them that you seller sent you empty delivery and you would like to cancel your order. (And attach a screenshot of empty delivery).

You can of course also write to your seller that you would like to receive your work in x hours otherwise you will contact support and will report her for breaking fiverr TOS and delivering empty delivery.
(But Personally I wouldn’t do it)


Yeah, I would just contact customer support and have them cancel the order. If the seller needed more time, they could have extended the delivery date instead. They’ve had more than enough time to complete the work.

Sorry you haven’t had the best luck on the platform. But CS will sort it out. They’re just swamped right now, so it will take them some time to get back to you.

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The sellers should not do like that way if they can’t deliver within 7 days they should let you know before you ordering . Do you mind to tell how much you have to pay for this order ?

yeah, what the seller should have done is request a time extension, which you can choose whether you accept. pound to a penny you won’t see your order or your money if you don’t contact CS

and yeah in future in it happens again, poke it into revision, by clicking “no” then “i still need a revision”, so that it doesn’t autocomplete. even then you should contact customer support if it gets ridiculous

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That’s a good way to get banned. That’s against terms of service. Why would you accept an empty delivery and allow the order to complete?

if i’m reading right, OP is new and didn’t realise or understand the autocomplete scenario, and the seller took OP for a ride

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Because im new and wasnt aware of whats a bannable offense. By the time I realised it had already been to late. I didnt know fiverr had an autocomplete system.

Not an excuse. When you create an account, you have to check a box saying you’ve read and agreed to terms of service. When you place an order, you have to check a box saying you’ve read and agreed to the offer.

Why would you buy anything from anywhere without reading the rules?