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Seller temporarily unavailable

Hi Fiverr!

A feature that I find indispensable on the Fiverr Site, would be for a seller to be able to set his status as something like: “Occupied” with an estimated “Availability Date”.

As we all know, sellers have lives outside of Fiverr and can have all sorts of responsibilities or misfortunes making them momentarily unable to process orders. This would not prevent their profile and gigs from showing up in search results. It will be up to buyers to decide if they want to wait.

One of the sellers I contacted to discuss my project was very honest and upfront about her availability. However, another other one was not, took my order and on the due date advised me that he had not been able to process it due to “whatever”.

Fiverr, hope you are taking notes!


Check out this seller feature: Fiverr Help and Education Center (Setting Availability).


Oh well, what do you know! Thank you for this great link, it is an eye opener!