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Seller threatens to cancel job without good reason


Has anyone had an appalling experience with fragglesrock? Extremely rude, unprofessional and unable to complete simple wordpress tasks. Do not use this seller

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If he doesn’t want to sell to you, he does not have to.


fragglesrock is an excellent seller. I used and so has many of my clients. Maybe the problem is you.

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First, it is not allowed to call out other users in the forum. But if you can share more about what kid of gig specifically you ordered, and at what point the seller cancelled we can give you better insights.

Also, if you can show us your email to the seller with the type of instructions you gave that is helpful.

That being said, some sellers are just not that great at customer service and/or sometimes they may not have time to do a job and it’s better for a seller to refund you so you can get it done elsewhere.

Another thing to do if you are having problems finding someone good to do your qork is always email people ahead of time before you place an order. That will give you a good idea about their customer service skills just by seeing how they reply to you before an order.