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Seller Tip - Request the Review

I thought I’d share this tip which has helped me a lot in getting buyers to post reviews who haven’t already. I send them a message a few days after completion with the following and it usually spurs them to leave the review pretty quickly. For the link, I sub out the username of the buyer so theoretically it’ll take them straight to the to-do. Feel free to steal this wholecloth.


Greetings and thank you for purchasing my gig. You should have a to-do asking you to rate my performance in fulfilling this gig. It should be found at if I’ve guessed your link correctly.

I hope that you’ll take two minutes to complete this review as it helps me be ranked higher with Fiverr and earn more gigs in the future. It literally only requires three clicks and a short comment, so please consider completing this review to help me out.

I hope you consider me again in the future!

There’s been a lot of chatter back and forth about whether or not to ask for reviews, especially since the ARS, which has, in my experience, decreased the willingness of a buyer to leave a review. If asking for reviews works for you–kudos! Do it! There’s nothing wrong with that.

But I’d like to add a slight word of caution: sometimes buyers just don’t leave feedback instead of leaving negative feedback. I wouldn’t prod buyers unless you’re sure that they’ll leave you a positive review. But that’s just me.

Thanks for shearing this…

I don’t get reviews anymore, thanks to the new star rating system!

Ever since the new Fiverr interface, my review have gone down. It is as if buyers forgot about leaving reviews. I agree however with the comments, that a buyer may choose not to leave a review in lieu of leaving a negative comment.

Yes, you don’t want to ask for a feedback that may be a bad one!