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Seller to seller collaboration partner

Hello, my name is Kami and I’m an interior designer. I offer design/mood boards to my clients, as well as color scheme selection, furniture, lighting, material suggestions etc., I give interior design advice and provide them with 2D CAD drawings and shopping lists (not all in one gig). However, I often get asked for 3D renderings and I don’t work with 3D visualization programs.
I’m looking for someone to collaborate with on these projects. I’d be happy to do everything I mentioned, but I need someone to follow up and do the renderings. I’d be happy to collaborate with anyone who’s interested and share the work :blush:

P.S. Please note, that this is not a reselling offer, I will not resell your work as my own! Whenever I receive a request for one of my gigs + 3D, I’d contact you, and if you’re available and on board with the request, I would offer my client to work with both of us, using the Fiverr collaboration tool.


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I’d check the Fiverr Terms of Service and Community Standards to see what seller to seller collaboration looks like according to Fiverr.

I would also pop in the search term “seller to seller collaboration” into the Forum Home Page search window.

I seem to recall there is something in the Fiverr guidelines that prohibits this sort of arrangement, but check to be sure.

Oh, it does? I’ll look it up, thank you so much!