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Seller to Seller Referral

Hi Everyone

I was about to share a recommendation to Fiverr, but before that, I want to discuss with all of you & everyone’s feedback will be valuable.

As you all know, at this point there is no way for a seller to refer a seller based on commission, for the example, if X is buyer, Y is me, Z is another seller & I want to refer X to Z for an order but as Y doesn’t have anything in return from both X & Z.

Therefore, I am about to recommend the Fiverr to add referral for the seller to the seller based on commission, for the example, if I am gonna refer X to Z then based on completion of order I must receive a commission, which can be a 10-25%.

Everyone’s thoughts are welcome!

I say no:

  1. You’re doing none of the work.
  2. Sellers shouldn’t have part of what they make taken away because they were referred. Plus, what if you referred someone who can’t do the job or doesn’t do it properly?
  3. It really opens people up to suggesting Rated sellers (TRS and lvl 2, more so) to people who come to them since they could make more off a percentage of the Rated seller’s price than their own.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate your ideas, let me explain you bit more.

1- Referral should be used by only those seller who earns level two or top rated.
2 - Referral couldn’t be applied for those buyers who complete at least a repeated buyer with a seller.
3 - Referral earning by a seller to the seller should once for one buyer & if somehow buyer gets canceled order or dispute to the referred seller then both seller will have a negative impact on their profiles.

I am all about adding a new referral system in all top rated or level 2 sellers, as right now we can see seller have two types of reviews on his/her profile if my recommendation will be considered then it should three-way reviews system & that will really great impact,

That wouldn’t be good either. Why should I lose credibility and ratings because of someone else’s negligence. Overall, I still don’t think that’s needed. A commission would cost someone an extra processing fee and take out of another seller’s earnings.

What impact are you hoping to make that’s worth the trouble this program would be?

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Let me explain you again, just think I am SEO & you’re video animator, being SEO I always recommend a client to create videos about there brand/business, but I found buyer asking me to find best video gig for him/her. In this case, many times we just research & found someone & share it to the client, either things run correctly or not. If a client is mine then I surely don’t want to lose him/her, while in referral terms, I can personally be active with buyer & referred seller.

I just had this example, things we found differently & as you’re no level seller & in future sometimes you should realize that referral between seller to the seller is important.

You won’t lose buyer if you and the seller do different things. If the buyer asks you to find someone, then do it for free, decline, or make them pay you for it. This three-way system you’re suggesting is unecessarily messy. If you do a good job at what the buyer has asked you to do, I don’t think a referral gone awry or even a good one will change your standing with them. The real problem, though, is a seller’s getting paid when they didn’t do any of the work the money came

Also, I’ll be getting my level one in a mere 5 days (evaluation period), and I’ve made $500 in the last week on Fiverr, so don’t down talk me like I don’t know what I’m talking about and/or unsuccessful.

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Whose pocket is this extra commission going to come out of? Fiverr is definitely going to pay extra money to the person who referred the buyer to another seller. Why would they?

And the seller who got referred is not going to pay the % commission either. The buyer is not going to pay extra either. Why would they? If they were required to pay extra, they would as well search for another seller by themselves (not like it is a herculean task either).

The extra money for this commission has to come out of somewhere. However, since neither Fiverr nor the referred seller/buyer have any incentive to shell out extra money for this “referral,” I don’t see Fiverr implementing this feature… like ever!

@catwriter Happy forum-a-versary. :slight_smile:


I didn’t down talked to you yet, I just told right now you’re a new seller & surely you will become level 1/2 or top rated here if you do your best. Its your prospect of thoughts & I can’t change it, but for sure your feedback is important for me!

Does that mean you are planning on doing so in the future? :thinking:


Definitely no plan to down talk with anyone here & in future!

That’s the question here.

On another platform, where this system exists, it comes out of the pocket of the referred seller.

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Payment should be from buyer but referred person should receive a percentage of amount from referred seller, such as if you’re the seller who I referred to buyer & you’re offering 10-25% amount of commission to the seller, then payment will be cut from your gig payment after completion of orders, and review will be provided to both sellers.

Hello everyone! Is it appropriate for a seller to refer another seller to a buyer and personally thank the seller for recommending you in the first place? Is it against TOS rules?

Thank you to reply, as I already mentioned that I was thinking to share this recommendation to the Fiverr, if it will be considered then TOS rules will be applied or maybe new rules will be available if Fiverr will consider.

Buyer shouldn’t have to pay for that unless it’s a gig extra or offered as a gig.

Not at all, I believe…

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As, if the recommendation will considered then it should bring lot things, such as no extra gig will be required for this referral it should be directly can see & applied view published gig or maybe something else.

I think this system would discourage buyers from using referrals because it’s more expensive and doesn’t yield anything for them.

No, there’s no rule against it. Back in the day, it was even recommended, if you couldn’t do the job for any reason, to recommend someone who can.

You just need to be careful, maybe that seller doesn’t want to be recommended (so it’s best to ask them in advance).


Yaah, it would be better to remain as optional for seller, if someone not want to do, then he/she can simply not offer referral.