Seller told me to give him 5 stars review


ok. im a fiverr seller too. and im so disapointed with this. i recently buy gig for wordpress customization… i love the seller work and i give him 4.7 star review. because he just mark order as delivered and he give me the real product 14 hours later… and in the inbox section the seller is mad because of my review and he ask me to give him a nice review. but after i talk to him finally he reply my review with 1 star… ok well i choose the wrong seller…
so guy’s i think is not good idea to lie about your deliver. and for the seller please learn how to service your client. thank you


If you are seller then you should know the value of the feedback. As you said you love his work and he just late 14h, so you just needed to ignore the 14h late things. At the end what is matter is quality of the work. Off-course, i understand all seller need to deliver the product in time, but sometimes we might not able to do it for different reason. Anyway, it just my personal opinion, you did what you thought right!


I’ve seen a super seller ask for a 5 star review as well. While it’s against Fiverr’s rules to request a specific rating, I didn’t want him to get into trouble, so I did not report him. Hopefully he’s not doing it anymore though!

Very odd though if your seller considered 4.7 a bad rating o.O That’s a great rating! Almost perfect. Guess some people don’t accept anything but perfection.


I don’t know if you know but 4.7 star reviews are counted as 5 star reviews by the system.


Why would he ignore the late delivery?? now think from buyer perspective. You purchased something and the delivery time is 24 hour and you need it urgently… everything was going perfect according to the time. Now to not mark the order as “LATE” the seller delivered the work without attaching the real work and then after 14 hours he attach the work… what would you do? Give him 5 star for that technique… That’s known as cheating.


Dude, relax! it was just my opinion. Everyone have different perfective to judge something or someone. What i wrote it was my opinion and my own judgement. I already mention that what i will do. Btw for me it not going to be a cheating if the work was great and seller explain the reason for being late.The work was just a website customization, nothing going to happen if it was 14 hour late delivery! - Peace


Don’t worry too much. For him to respond with a 1 star is just ridiculous. Noone should be complaining about a 4.7 review, it’s a great review!

Overall you could have reported him for the empty delivery, but you chose not to. You were very considerate. I totally understand your frustration. Don’t take it personally. :wink:


Still strange that some sellers aren’t aware that unexpected things happen from time to time and thus its vital to add extra time when calculating delivery estimates.


yes. i will relax if didn’t need it urgently… don’t only think from seller perspective… i really hate if somebody cheating on me… but i respect him by giving 4.7 stars already… im really disapointed but i didn’t want his gig down… but see what he doing to me… he give me 1 STAR!! you see???


but what he doing to me was annoying… 1 star reply. and blame me because i didn’t give him complete 5 stars review. i hate if somebody cheating on me.


I am all out of hearts. Don’t worry about that seller some people don’t understand that 4-star review is actually good. :slight_smile:


please look in buyer’s perspective… what do you think when somebody cheating on you? and try to respect his work, and he reply me with 1 star…


Did you explain him you need work quickly? In 14 hours did you ask him to send final product?


Just late 14h? Are you kidding?


is 4.7 star doesn’t enough for people that doesn’t keep his promise and also i say if i love his work on his page… is it still not enough for him? and what i get? 1 star reply… thanks…