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Seller took my money and ran, will not respond to me

He marked it as delivered, and it was most certainly NOT delivered, and I don’t know how to contact customer service. Fiverr is making it really hard to find CS. I cannot cancel order (since it it marked as delivered) and I don’t know how to contact Fiverr. The FAQ says not to cancel payment through my card but they don’t provide an email.

Please help. I knew what I was getting into by buying FB likes but I did not expect to have my money stolen by a so-called Top Seller.

Thank you for responding, kjblynx.

This is what the screen says:

"I see this order was delivered on 03/09/15. It is now marked as completed.

An order is automatically marked as complete 3 days after delivery unless you request modifications or submit an order review within the 3 days. If you have any issues with your seller or the order, please get in touch with the seller first here."

Does this mean I’m up the creek without a paddle? I suppose it’s my own fault for waiting so long.

Reply to @phaniemarie: You still have 14 days after the order is marked as complete.

check the resolution centre button on the order page. At the top.

Reply to @phaniemarie: You can contact customer support and they will look into this issue and help you get your money back. Or you can leave negative feedback for the seller. This really stinks, I am sorry this happened to you.